Fourcast 09!: Live from San Diego

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Esther and I went to San Diego Comic-con and came back with stories and a few interviews. This is just the first of two fourcasts from SDCC. Pardon the quality– the mics pick up everything, and I think we can be heard clearly, but there’s a fair amount of noise on the line. Yowza.

-We talk a little about the con in general
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental
-I interview Jason McNamara, author of The Martian Confederacy. Jason’s a great guy, super funny, and always a pleasure to speak to.
-Leigh Walton, similarly to Jason, is another great guy in the comics industry. He does marketing for Top Shelf and is one of my favorite people to talk about comics with. He runs down Top Shelf’s line-up at the con and we nerd it out a bit over paper quality (so nice to find a kindred spirit).
-We come back to me and Esther, conversation already in progress. We talk about the Dwayne McDuffie and Darwyn Cooke panels at SDCC, discuss the future success and current failings of comics, and then ditch the podcast to go see the Women of Marvel panel.

Surprises to come! In the meantime, read the podcast boilerplate:
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3 comments to “Fourcast 09!: Live from San Diego”

  1. Good stuff. I still buy CDs, refusing to go digital because I am stubborn and really like CDs.

  2. Wish I had a chance to say “hi.” Closest I got was picking up what looked to be a 4thLetter business card for Gail Simone after her panel.

  3. This is completely awful that anyone would ever ever violate the copyright of a TV show no longer on the air and not on DVD, but you can pretty much watch all of Static Shock on youtube…


    and most of Legion of Superheroes…