Fourcast! 05: You Made Me Read This!

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What’s on tap for Fourcast! #5?

-A special conversation about how Jack Kirby would’ve done the Transformers
-Our theme music is still 6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental
-Special guest podcaster, Jeff Lester of Savage Critic(s)
-We debut a new segment called You Made Me Read This! I got Esther to read the first hardcover of Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s Fantastic Four. Esther didn’t like it for what, in hindsight, is a very good reason.
-Our conversation about FF leads into a conversation about the different approaches DC and Marvel take.
-And… scene.

This one was a lot of fun, and I’m actually a little scared of which book I’m going to have to read. I’m pretty sure she mentioned this book… and goodness, have mercy! 🙁

Some Fourcast! notes–
-We’ve got one more podcast next week (07/06), also guest-starring Jeff Lester, and then we’re taking off the week of 07/13 off. We should be back in business the week of 07/20 with a pre-San Diego Comic-con show.
-Fans of the Character Continuity Clash Comics/Continuity Off/Comics Are Seriously Dumb/whatever will really like the 07/06 cast, I’m, betting. Tell your friends.
-Esther and I are both planning on attending SDCC, and we may end up doing a show from the show, so to speak.
-We’ve got real microphones! You won’t hear them on this podcast, or next week’s, but we’ll be using them going forward. I’ve got high hopes, as it’ll make everything from recording to editing much easier.
-We hit 1000 listens the other day. You guys rule.

The usual podcast stuff:
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13 comments to “Fourcast! 05: You Made Me Read This!”

  1. Wait, is that the Elseworlds where Superman is a centaur? Because I hear that one’s a special level of badness.

    Now I’m curious as to how Esther would react upon reading Supreme Power.

  2. That is the very same Elseworlds, Gavok.

    (It’s pretty awful, yes.)

  3. Gavok – let’s focus on David for now. How can I make him suffer without looking like I’m trying?

    Syrg – there was also a moon base at the end.

  4. I wonder how David would react to Mitefall…

    By the way, I’m not getting the podcast through iTunes for some reason.

  5. @Sick_boy: I doublechecked, and it seems to be coming through fine on both of my machines that have iTunes. The RSS feed is fine, as well. Did you try pressing refresh in iTunes?

  6. David: iTunes now downloaded it. Just a small glitch, I guess. I just wanted to warn you, in case something was wrong.

  7. @Sick_boy: No prob, thanks for the headsup. We had a glitch last week with the feed, but it should be fine now.

  8. Just dropped in to say that I’ve listened to all five Fourcasts! and enjoyed them all immensely. Keep up the good work!

  9. @BringTheNoise: Thanks!

  10. How about “Batman: A Death in The Family?” Esther’s the show’s DC-ite, and she describes it as a heart-wrenching tale. It’d be interesting (read: sadistic) to have David read it and give us his take.

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  12. I’m behind on these, but I’m finding it hard to listen due to Esther’s feelings on Waid/Ringo FF! Good god, I love that run–were you smoking the Liberty Pipe??? 🙂

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