Friday Flashbacks 01: Boysenberry Pie

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(from marvel’s x-men #8, words by scott lobdell, art by jim lee)

This is one of those scenes that stuck out to me when I was a kid. Going from a picnic to a fight to a pie in the face to a plot twist is classic X-Men. This was the beginning of a downtime issue, which is another X-Men staple. The team would play baseball, go to a bar, or sit around doing nothing after the end of a big arc. This issue ended the drama of Bishop joining the team and a Wolverine-centric story in Germany, and led into an X-Men/Ghost Rider crossover set in New Orleans, where they all went up against the Brood in the NOLA underground. In hindsight, it’s pretty ridiculous, but still fairly funny. Gambit tended to get all of the best lines and scenes in old X-Men books.

This was also back when the book had a strange tone. There was a lot of droll and self-conscious humor throughout the book, verging on actual meta-commentary. It’s nice to see and gave the book a fun, off-kilter kind of feel. I’m not even going to mention the “Gotta be da shoes” Gambit/Jubilee bit.

Well, maybe I will later. But not right now.

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5 comments to “Friday Flashbacks 01: Boysenberry Pie”

  1. Hey, I have this issue.

    Ah back in the day, when comics were good.

  2. Didn’t Gambit and Rogue have a kid & name it “Sugah Cherie”? It had the mutant ability to speak with any Claremont accent.

  3. “You’re wasting your massive lungs, cherie.”


  4. I had forgotten how skimpy Rogue used to dress. And how Gambit was enough of a horndog he’d try to touch her every five minutes, even though he knows about her power.

  5. I got whiplash from all of those plot twists and mood shifts.