Fourcast! 04: It’s Innocent, Really!

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We’ve got a surprisingly DC-centric Fourcast! this time around. Highlights:

-We’ve got theme music! It’s 6th Sense’s 4 A.M. instrumental. It’s licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License. 6th Sense / CC BY-NC 3.0. I dig his work, so it was a treat to find “It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!!” on the Free Music Archive. 6th Sense is a great producer. I play about 30-some seconds after the intro and before we get into it, and then the full track at the end of the cast as an outro. Hope you dig it!
-We get right into a discussion of Brave and the Bold #24, courtesy of DC Comics, Matt Wayne, and Howard Porter. We both enjoyed it, though I’m not sure that’s clear on my part, and we both had a few misgivings about Porter’s art.
-A brief digression into the relationship between Static and Blue Beetle. Here’s the image in question, from Heroes #4, written by Matt Wayne, drawn by Chriscross:


It’s a good series, I hope DC reprints it asap.
-Michael Johnson, Mike Green, and Francis Manapul’s Superman/Batman #61? That’s a fun comic right there. The Mash-up story has been really dumb, but very fun, and between Penguello and Brainycat, has some awesome designs.

-We get into our Continuity-Off at the end. Esther explains Supergirl’s past boy/girl/horsefriends, while I break down Gambit’s tortured past. Or is that torturous? I can’t tell sometimes.

We’ll be back in a week with the beginning of a DC vs Marvel knock-down, drag-out, fight to the death.

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9 comments to “Fourcast! 04: It’s Innocent, Really!”

  1. Was all of Heroes like that? I love the dialogue.

  2. I have more time for Howard Porter’s art myself. His style kind of screams ‘colorful superhero comic!’, which I can dig (I like Ed McGuinness for similar reasons). I also like Porter’s work because I associate it with the period that I began to really read DC comics (the Morrison/Porter JLA run, along with Waid’s Flash, played a key role in that). I also thought his work on the second half of Johns’s Flash run was really cool.

    David, were you inspired to go with Gambit for the Continuity-Off because of last week’s X-Men Origins: Gambit, or is that a coincidence?

    As for a better name for your Continuity-Off, may I suggest: Continuity Clash!, it even has the alliteration we comic-types love so darn much. Or perhaps it could be The Catastropic Comics Continuity Clash! if you want to have 4 Cs to tie in with the whole 4 motif you have going (pity that the C is the third letter in the alphabet instead of the fourth).

  3. @Adam: Pretty much, yeah. It had its share of serious, funny, and dramatic turns, like any good comic. I recommend it.

    @Derk van Santvoort: Continuity Clash! is pretty good. C4 is also pretty good 🙂

    As far as Porter… I really dug his JLA, but I don’t know. He’s not an artist I hate by any means, but he’s not one of my favorites, either. A Tom Grummett or Mark Bagley would’ve killed on the Brave & the Bold story. I did dig his Flash, though.

    The Gambit thing was a coincidence, but his history was probably kicking around in my head because of that book.

  4. Title Bout could work, if you think the connection to comics is strong enough.

  5. I suggest Canon Clash. Far easier to say than Continuity Clash.

    And Esther is completely wrong. Everyone knows that Galactiac is the best Brainiac hybrid character. Brainycat, my ass.

  6. Sorry, Gav. Galactiac’s time has passed 🙁

  7. They had the opportunity to make that hybrid Earth into the perfect hybrid world it had the potential to be and they wasted it! That’s why I had to come here! To bring back my perfect hybrid Earth!

    It… the perfect hybrid Earth… It’s… My God… It’s not mine. It never was…

    A perfect hybrid world doesn’t need a Galactiac.

  8. I think you should call the continuity segment, “Continuity Crisis.” Sticks with comics, and usually when I am done hearing about how crazy and screwed up some of these characters are I feel like crying…which is exactly how I feel after reading any DC series with the word “crisis” in the title.

  9. Haven’t listened yet (I mean, damn, it’s 3AM), but you have no idea what smile you brought to my face with those Heroes pages.

    Looking forward to hearing this one on the way into work.