“You know what was hilarious?”

April 4th, 2009 by | Tags: ,

from dc comics’ flash rebirth #1, words by geoff johns, art by ethan van sciver

“That time I tortured and murdered my way across the universe? Those were good times, pal, I’m sorry you missed it! Ollie makes jokes about it all the time! Ha ha!”

(i didn’t find flash rebirth very enjoyable at all, and that makes me sad.)

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17 comments to ““You know what was hilarious?””

  1. On its own, that’s a very well-written and even emotional line because Hal will always be ashamed of that whole episode and it’s a more natural way of showing that than just narration. It’s just that the art of that panel and the fact that it’s shoved into the middle of a light-hearted conversation ruins it.

  2. Christ. What a wank. What is with DC that they can never move past these boring, outdated characters? Barry Allen, really? Was there ever a really great story written about Barry Allen? The only times I can remember him having any kind of personality at all were New Frontier (out of continuity) and Crisis #8 (when he died).

  3. Hey, you know what I JUST noticed in that picture? Hal is wearing his ring out in public. Is that normal? I don’t really read Green Lantern comics, but how do they get away with that? Does no one question the glowing green thing on a grown man’s finger?

  4. “So in the end, it turned out by taking their power rings I had doomed my fellow Lanterns to die in cold of space. Boy, did I have egg on MY face!!!

  5. Lay off, fellas. It isn’t Hal’s fault that he got possessed by a big yellow cootie.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate Hal Jordan. How would having Kyle on the main title be detrimental?

  6. Please, someone, anyone, stop Geoff Johns from writing any more comics.

  7. And now for some completely different bitching, holy cow, that’s some ugly colours.

  8. Hey now, let’s not forget Hal Jordan never actually killed anybody in his Parallax rampage. They’re all back.

  9. Of course they’re back. Can’t have perfect Hal Jordan with blood on his hands. Can’t have it be his fault,let’s blame the yellow insect monster.

  10. No, they’re just back because that’s the way it was in the Silver Age, DUH!! And we all know how many boners Geoff Johns has for the Silver Age.

  11. Didio has those same boners. Which is fairly worrying. Johns & Didio with simultaneous boners. *Shudder*

  12. I was… being sarcastic.

  13. @John Foley: didn’t he snap some guy’s neck once and went on trial for it? my dad wasn’t even around for that and I’m not going to pay for colorless archives.

  14. @Nathan: Yeah, it was that anti-flash guy, Zule, or Zane or something.

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  16. Barry’s back because DC futzed Flash over the last 4 years. It’s the only big move left to save the franchise.

    Hal came back because the 2-3 people that removed him finally released their deathgrip hold on DC, and their mission of dumbing down Green Lantern and DC for 90s Marvel fans. Bye bye 90s!

  17. Man I was all ready to jump headfirst into a big argument about Geoff Johns, then I read the comments and everybody’s like “jesus fuck a Geoff Johns” and I’m just like “EXACTLY!”

    Did anyone even ask what Johns was going to do with the character when he pitched this series? “He’s going to be an anti social obsessive loner and he’s going to be pretty OK with killing criminals.” “Oh. Huh. Well, just make sure the pages are in on time.”