Calling All Wade Wilson Fans!

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Ultimatum #4 got delayed for a whole month (surprise) and my plans for doing another weekly set at the end of April have fallen apart. Instead, I got another idea and I need all your help.

With Deadpool making his movie debut, or whatever you would call it, on May 1st, I’m going to do a series on the Top 50 Deadpool Moments. I’m going to flip through his entire comic history and jog my memory.

What I need is suggestions. Don’t post them here in the comments. Email them to me. For those of you who actually like the character, what scenes in his 19 years of existence do it for you and why? An issue # is helpful, but I mainly want an explanation for why you enjoy the scene for the sake of quoting.

Funny stuff or serious stuff, whatever. It’s all good. Just try to think outside the box a bit. Yes, the “Shoryuken!” and “little yellow boxes” bits are classic, but try to think of something more on the obscure side. Like Bullseye showing up at Wade’s funeral or his final conversation with Cable or that time he heavily considered chopping his dick off because of his amped up healing factor making his replacement limbs stronger.

Also, expect a new We Care a Lot in a couple hours.

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15 comments to “Calling All Wade Wilson Fans!”

  1. A conversation in Cable/Deadpool over the SHRA. Wade’s trying to turn Cable in and Cable starts chewing into him (verbally). Deadpool, in a lucid moment, explains to Cable that for once he wants to do something legit. For Deadpool to confide in Cable like that shows how strong their friendship is.

    The Civil War Arc is from issues 30-32. Sorry, I don’t really remember the particular issue the conversation took place in.

  2. Damn it, man! I said not in the comments!

    But thanks.

  3. Sweet! This just gives me an excuse to go through my old Deadpool comics.

  4. Sucky that we don’t have a new ultimate edit, but yay Wade!

  5. Well.. a good reason for me not to get bored anymore… .going through the deadpool moments;)

    All the best

  6. Wait, the UK is getting to see Deadpool on screen before you guys? HA HA!

  7. That’s really not something you want to brag about, guy.

  8. Check your e-mail. I tried to remember the funny stuff, but I focused mainly on the Kelly run, which I consider to be the definitive version of the character.

  9. My bad, man. All I heard was Deadpool, top 50, and need them. Ha!

  10. There was a Wizard exclusive where Deadpool killed a bunch of clones of dead Marvel characters. While it’s hilarious to see Bucky labeled as dead, twelve pages of killing and jokes is what’s worth it. Also, he calls a Jamaican man “Buffalo Soldier”, which I find endlessly funny.

  11. It’s not a comic book moment, but Deadpool’s page on Uncyclopedia should get an honorable mention.

  12. @ lakdif and W4

    Psst… guys. You might want to read the entry really carefully. Just saying.

  13. Sent in some stuff, I think it’s all pretty good.

  14. @ Darin

    Since a parody web page won’t show up as a “best comic book moment,” I think my usage is fair game.

  15. @ W4

    Only playing around W4. Doing a little kettle/pot thing because I was the first person to “not follow directions”.