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I just started to like Cable. The first arc was way too slow (which is why I picked it back up with the newest issue), and I’m still not 100% convinced on the Bishop turn, but I’m interested enough to keep reading. I want to say something, though.

Now, I like Richard Corben. I’m coming around on Cable. But, and don’t read this the wrong way, I hate dead babies. I can’t think of a good usage of them in comics and I honestly think it’s kind of dumb and needlessly shocking. Ohh, look how bad that guy is, he’s gonna kill a baby.

This is actually the second dead baby I’ve seen in comics this week, with Rogue’s Revenge featuring a baby getting disintegrated or time travelled or zapped out of existence or whatever– it was still dumb.

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12 comments to “Seriously?”

  1. I pulled this comic off the shelf because of the dead baby. I hear many other retailers have done the same.

  2. I guess someone won’t be getting any Alice Cooper albums for Secret Santa this year!

  3. I gave zombie cover variants a pass because it’s October, but we really really need to see the end of them. No one gets mad at gorilla babies, I assume.

  4. But, and don’t read this the wrong way, I hate dead babies.

    Damn it. Now I no longer know what to get you for Christmas.

    …You know, I just read that the wrong way even though you insisted that I don’t.

  5. This joke was always one of the laziest things Marvel’s done. I might actually be able to enjoy the ape covers if they weren’t still running the x-treme 1990s equivalent into the ground.

  6. Man I know what you mean, I love babies.

    I just can’t ever finish a whole one.

  7. I’m willing to give the artists the benefit of the doubt, here. It’s a zombified cover. That baby is always with Cable. It’s hard to explain but I don’t look at it as a “killed” baby as much as I see it as “Halloween Symmetry.” Maybe if Cable was alive on the cover, or it really was about killing the baby I might have a different opinion, but as of right now, I’m okay with it.

  8. Are the zombie alt covers selling extremely well or something? Because I can’t think of any other reason to still have them at this point. I mean, I guess it is October, but they’ve been running for a looooot longer than that.

  9. I have to agree with Dane here, it is just a gimmick cover, and I think unfair to lump it in with Rogues’ Revenge, considering Cable 7 shipped two weeks ago.

  10. Er, what I meant with the Rogues’ Revenge is that I think it is a coincidence, not any kind of trend.

  11. Gotta agree with you here. Zombie covers seem to be the rage.. even to this day? October or not, can we just stop them already. The dead baby just seems.. so… yeah. unneeded.