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Other than being one of my favorite recording artists, Erykah Badu gives good interview. Blender interviewed her here, on a piece calledWho Does Erykah Badu Think She Is? What’s it got to do with comics?

Who is your fantasy man?
Batman. He’d let me drive that fast car. We’d go to Whole Foods and hold hands and take a shot of wheatgrass together. We’d go up to the counter, and he’d pay. I’d have an invisible jet, so we’d fly away -leave the car there, let Robin take care of it-and kiss in midair. We wouldn’t care who sees us.

I also laughed at this:

Have you ever doubted your sexual orientation?
Never. I’ve had a boyfriend since I was 5. His name was Benny, and he could make gun noises by crushing a milk carton with his foot. The first person I ever kissed was Huber Miles, in third grade. Then I asked him for money. (laughs) I thought it was appropriate.

What does a kiss cost now?
You have to change gods and wear crochet pants. You haven’t heard about me?

Whattup Andre and Common.

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6 comments to “Who Does Erykah Badu Think She Is? :: Blender.com”

  1. Change gods and wear crochet pants. That’s funny stuff right there

  2. You don’t have to come up with an excuse for posting about Ms. Badu. A picture, maybe, but an excuse? Not at all.

  3. She´s very funny and so creative! I wish the interview had been longer…

  4. Oh but this was awesome:

    “If I was Kid Rock for a day, I would go to the hood and talk shit, just to see what would happen. Talk lots of shit and start some fights with some big black dudes.”

    Now I now what to do if I’m ever Kid Rock for a day. 🙂

  5. Erykah Badu as Jezzebel Jet in Batman 3?

  6. I will cosign that any day of the week.