The Morrison Effect

August 30th, 2008 by | Tags: ,

I’ve discovered that no matter if your first name is Grant, Jim or Van, as long as your last name is Morrison, you are going to be awesome. Another example is wrestler John Morrison. This has nothing to do with comics whatsoever. I just happen to love the Dirt Sheet.

We don’t read Countdown tie-ins at the Palace of Wisdom.

Thanks Miz and Morrison for making WWE worth watching.

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4 comments to “The Morrison Effect”

  1. You know I haven’t even tried to watch wrestling in months. But I refuse to accept that the Miz has stopped being a talentless suck fest. Morrison always seemed like a decent heel, at least when I still watched and he was Mercury (or was he Nitro?)…

  2. He used to be Nitro.

    I still can’t reconcile Miz being actually good.

  3. Miz suddenly becoming a good worker is one of the all time weirdest things in the history of wrestling.

  4. Another great Morrison? Marion Morrison.