Brave and the Bold Teaser

July 26th, 2008 by | Tags:

Brave & the Bold Teaser Trailer from david brothers on Vimeo.

Gavok got you with the youtube, so I figured I”d hit you with the high quality. I got this on the 24th, but forgot to post it yesterday.

I’m at the black panel right now, so peace!

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11 comments to “Brave and the Bold Teaser”

  1. Gentleman Ghost! Joy!

  2. …is it just me, or did that music borrow really REALLY heavily from The Tick (animated) opening theme song?

    Also, the animation strikes me as very Venture Brothers-y in places. Which isn’t bad at all, just a little odd to see the DC guys in that style.


  3. While I doubt this will have any amazing plot lines like JLU or Batman, this looks like a whole lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Is that Kevin Conroy? I’m not too sure…

  5. Nope. It’s the main dude from Office Space.

  6. More traditional points of view would say that Ron Livingston’s character was the main dude of Office Space, not Diedrich Bader’s.

    (Bit of an unconvential choice, but it says a lot about the tone of the show. I do wonder if maybe Wil Wheaton’s secret character will turn out to be Jaime Reyes.)

  7. Whoops. Just did some digging and Jaime is being voiced by Will Friedle, known for Terry McGinnis. Andrea Romano knows her stuff.

  8. That was Diedrich Bader? Wow, he sounded a LOT like Kevin Conroy.

  9. Looks good, and I’m an adult. SUCK IT, MANLEY!!!

  10. Haha Eric Matthewss is Jaime. Nice.

  11. Glad to see this up here. Brave and the Bold is look pretty rad.