On Just Past the Horizon: Late Edition

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Good on you, Newsarama.

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LISA: What exactly happened with the Paul Cornell interview and the last couple of questions that were removed from the site?
MB: Glad to fill you in, Lisa. A question was asked that was poorly phrased and perhaps not thought out as well as it could have been beforehand, and the exchange was then regrettably missed in the editing process. We apologize to anyone who was offended.
There is really no excuse โ€” it was a bad judgment call on Benโ€™s part and we certainly should have caught it before it was posted. We obviously always try to be thorough when proof reading an interview, but this one unfortunately slipped through the cracks.
That said, as soon as it was pointed out to me, the passage was removed.

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3 comments to “On Just Past the Horizon: Late Edition”

  1. Thanks again for the Gambit sketch David!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also… Speed Racer only made $20 mil this weekend? Has the world gone crazy??

  2. “bad judgement” is not an excuse for racism. Lack of professionalism is an excuse, albeit you should still be fired for it.

  3. No, the world hasn’t gone crazy. The movie’s plot and script were fine (the latter could’ve done without the clipshow, even if this is Speed Racer), but the art direction was horrific bad. They got their tracks from F-Zero, okay, that’s cool, I can let that slide AUGH SEIZURE AUGH 1960’S BATMAN TRUCK SCENE AUGH HEADS SCROLLING BY EVERY TWO SECONDS AUGH.