Yallah, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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Found via LitG today.

“So, yeah, you’ve got this Arab chick… she gonna blow any dudes up?”
“I heard that there’s a black guy in the comic. Which white girl is he trying to get with? Does he play basketball at all?”
“This Asian girl you have on the team… I’m just gonna put this out here, see if I can get a response. Two words. Happy. Ending. Hey? Yeah?”

Faiza is one of the most interesting new characters to come out of Marvel. Cornell gave an awesome interview about her a while back that sold me in basically one paragraph.

Thanks, Newsarama interviewer Benjamin Ong Pang Kean, for reducing her to being the “British Muslim” who is probably gonna kill some dudes while screaming about infidels and building mosques.

Is an apology forthcoming? I doubt it.

Funnybook Babylon let their mad dog off the chain. Jon disassembles it here.

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13 comments to “Yallah, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

  1. Newsarama, breeding ground of idiots. Offensive idiots.

  2. I feel bad for Paul Cornell. Dude attempts to write well and has to deal with this shit.

  3. Still not as bad as the “Dave” guy on Melissa’s Blue Beetle piece on Blog@…

  4. The Dave guy is such an obvious troll that I can’t believe anyone is actually trying to engage him.

  5. Thats pretty much the best worst shit ever

  6. The worst part is Cornell just got done saying she’s exactly not that.

    “Jaime is just a regular kid who is a little little freaked out by his new powers. He gets a lot of support from his family & friends and I wanted him to be relatable to everyone.”

    “Uh-huh… so he’s using the Scarab to steal jobs from American heroes, right?”

  7. It’s funny because she’s Muslim. Right?

  8. Oh my god.

    Thank you, David and Jon, for calling this shit out. I can believe that it happened (I have little faith in humanity right now), but I can’t believe that Newsarama tried to bury it so quickly. I thought better of them than that. “Them” being most of – not all of – the journalists working on the site, not so much the commenters and forumites. But apparently my trust was misplaced. Lesson learned.

  9. The worst part is Cornell just got done saying she’s exactly not that.

    While not trying to defend Kean’s stupidity on this, most of these interviews are conducted via e-mailing all of the questions at once. So the stupid question wasn’t informed by Cornell’s previous response, likely. And you can tell it was an e-mail interview by Paul’s response that he originally typed a ruder response.

  10. OMFG

    That is so many piles of bigotted stupid! >:O

    Did Newsarama delete the initial comments about it too? o_O

  11. Considering the way they are reacting to each other in the interview, I don’t think it could have been by email. Probably IM or something.

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  13. […] number of people are understandably upset by the second question and the circumstances under which it disappeared. […]