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There were two, count ’em, two Marvel comics this week that featured sex tapes as a plot point.

One was Ultimates 3 #1, a comic so thoroughly bad that the only thing I can really praise is that there is an Ultimate Black Panther now, though he jobs like a chump to College Sophomore Eddie Brock in the Venom Costume.

I guess I can’t praise that at all.

Was the newly deAsianed Wasp honestly letting Captain America know that it’s the 21st century now and his pitiful 1940s-era brain just doesn’t get that incest is all to the good?

I mean, what was that all about?

Also it’s kind of awesome how Wasp goes out and buys Tony Stark’s sex tape and screens it in front of all his buddies for what’s apparently the first time they’ve heard about it?

“Hey guys, check this out! Tony Stark and his dead murdering traitor of a fiancee are getting it on! PS Tony what’s the deal with this tape I just bought?”

Great writing, that.

The other book is The Order #5, words by Matt Fraction and art by Khari Evans over Barry Kitson’s layouts.

In the words of one syllable: Wow. Two syllables: Holy wow.

My hands down favorite panel in the book is the one at the top of this page:


He draws the most beautiful sneers I’ve ever seen. The body language is so dead on, too.

Marvel? Push this guy. He is the next big thing. He’s got a funky style that isn’t too far off from the superhero standard while still being pretty awesomely distinct. His talking heads are wonderful, too. Give him a go on a Bendis-written Luke Cage series if you gotta. You know that Bendis would write that in a hot minute.

Do everything you can to make him a star, but please don’t let him draw anything Loeb or Millar writes because I’d like to enjoy the story as well as his awesome art.

Just give me (us) more of his art, that’s all I want.

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5 comments to “Pardon My Fanboy”

  1. You are nine kinds of right about Khari Evans.

  2. You mentioned Khari Evans once before when you talked about Daughters of the Dragon. I said I didn’t really like him back then, but I’ve since come around after seeing some of his other stuff. He apparently just needs a colorist who adds some texture, since his art doesn’t seem to agree well with (the usually rather excellent) Christina Strain’s colors. Very enjoyable artist.

    Ultimates 3’s writing was as awful as I was expecting, but the low quality of the artwork surprised me more. I mean, I’ve never really cared about Joe Madureira, but I don’t recall his storytelling ever being so poor. That splash page where Black Panther flies from out of nowhere to punch Venom? What the hell was that?

    Thankfully it’s getting panned all over the place. Even Wizard gave it a bad review. Wizard! Your comic has to be a special sort of disaster if Wizard doesn’t like it.

  3. He puts the characters in actual environments. Backgrounds that are neither half-assed and faked or too cluttered. How much of that is native to his work and how much of it comes from the layouts I don’t know, but I like it. It goes a long way towards adding to the believability and willing suspension of disbelief.

  4. Your flagship team book full from a major publisher has to be *extra special bad* to get panned by Wizard. Damn.

    (/me hasn’t read it yet)

  5. If you haven’t read it yet, wait until later today, my friend. I have something very, very special for all the readers here involving Ultimates 3 #1.