Children, Gage, and Mary Jane II: Mary Harder

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How many comic characters have come up with recently revealed/brought back into play children?

Wolverine has Daken and X-23, kinda. Agent 13 is preggo with Cap’s baby. Namor had that son show up in his mini. Superman has Chris Kent. Batman has Damian. Hulk has Skaar or whatever. Corsair had Vulcan, though that’s kind of stretching the timeline a little. Punisher’s got a tyke.

That’s eight in, what, just under two years?

Anyway, Christos Gage is one of my new favorite writers. His Union Jack was the bomb, his House of M Avengers was mostly recap/revamp for Cage fans, but good, and so on. He’s got a couple books dropping soon. Iron Man Annual #1 and T-bolts: Breaking Points. Both are one-offs.

Tony Stark as James Bond + Bruce Wayne is a brilliant move, seriously. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? It’s totally Tony Stark. Danny Rand is Kung Fu Billionaire, Tony Stark should be Mecha James Bond. I want to pick up both books now. Gage generally does good.

But yeah, there’s something else in those previews that I noticed. Check out this image and think back a few months to the Mary Jane statue thing.


I laughed.

My question is– is this a knee-slapper with a knowing wink or a face-slapper with a mean glare? It’s kind of obviously presented as something that isn’t altogether kosher or positive… my money is on wink.

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10 comments to “Children, Gage, and Mary Jane II: Mary Harder”

  1. You actually missed one with Hulk. Peter David hinted during Hulk’s House of M crossover that the Scorpion (the new, young one, not the old, currently Venom one) is Bruce Banner’s child from a college fling. And Skaar may be my book of the year for 2008. If they have the balls (and the legal rights) to bring in Brett, Bruce and Betty’s grey-skinned son from Peter David’s novel What Savage Beast, Hulk may find himself with a rather large new family.

    Gage won my heart with WWH: X-Men. Repowering Juggernaut has earned him my eternal thanks.

    James Bond/Bruce Wayne Tony Stark > Tony Stark, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘Nuff said.

    I think the Moonstone statue is knowing wink to the fans while Marvel takes a dig at itself. Here we see the cold reason why they make items like the MJ statue. Men buy them, and Marvel loves money.

  2. Holy crap!

    I actually own What Savage Beast. I’d totally forgotten about that book. The new Scorpion is pretty cool, too. She’s a fun character.

    That makes nine kids. That’s insane!

  3. Wildcat’s son, Wildcat, joined the JSA recently. It was weird because Wildcat didn’t know about Wildcat, and Wildcat was cool with that. Then Flash and Green Lantern were like, “Wildcat, meet Wildcat. Wildcat, Wildcat.” Wildcat was shocked at first, but came around once he learned more about Wildcat. Meanwhile, Wildcat overcame his apprehension about finally meeting Wildcat and both Wildcat and Wildcat enjoy their newfound sense of family.

  4. For DC there is also Selina’s kid (know erased from her memory), Black Canary’s adopted kid (now hidden away after a faked death) and possibly the *shudder* Gwen Stacy/Norman Osborn twins (I’m unsure if they fall in the time period you’re using)…

  5. Statuette just seems like the obvious joke to me – can’t see anything else behind it.

  6. I was actually really impressed with HoM: Avengers. Like, I was really not expecting much out of it and enjoyed it a lot.

  7. Selina’s kid *wasn’t* erased from her memory in the end, though.

  8. Yeah, Selina’s is it/wasn’t it mindwipe seems like it’s gonna be a pretty cool story.

    Of course, her next story is Salvation Run, so I’m kinda ehhhhh on it.

  9. There’s also Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy’s children Sarah and Gabriel Stacy —

    — Or should I not have mentioned that?

  10. Probably not, since they’ve already been mentioned.