Mission Statement

October 16th, 2006 by | Tags: ,

“Totally amazing names… I mean, when you think about it… they’re, like, archetypal… they come right up from the depths, those things… how can they say that stuff’s stupid? Why do people get so ashamed of things? …I mean, I really love those comics…”
–Wally Sage, Flex Mentallo #1

“Oh yeah, and those paracetamols… what? I don’t know… a whole bottle, I think. What? Well of course I’m committing suicide. What did you think? I just wanted someone to talk to, that’s all. While I’m waiting.

“I just wanted to talk about the comics, see? All those shitty, amazing comics…”
–Wally Sage, Flex Mentallo #1

I :love: Flex Mentallo. It’s the greatest love letter to comics ever written.

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3 comments to “Mission Statement”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s just so wonderful.

    And there’s a scene in the final issue where the characters finally confront the villain of the story — I don’t want to spoil it with quotes because they may yet be able to publish a reprint someday, but it’s pages 17 and 18 of issue #4 — that perfectly sums up the biggest problem wih superhero comics today and puts it in perspective. There are times when I’m feeling sorry for myself but thinking of the dialogue on those two pages cheers me right up.

  2. […] One day, I will write on this blog about things that aren’t superheroes, I promise. I think I’m still in Wally Sage/Flex Mentallo mode, though. Morrison’s good comics are like mental viruses. […]

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