Green Lanterns: Who Needs ‘Em?

July 27th, 2006 by | Tags: , , , ,

Whatever happened to John Stewart?

Why is he the only Earth-based Green Lantern who isn’t headlining in a book?

Is Hal Jordan going to be in the big JLA relaunch and in his own title?

Think on these things.

Post coming later today/tomorrow about how DC screwed the pooch on the Batbooks!

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3 comments to “Green Lanterns: Who Needs ‘Em?”

  1. He doesn’t really have much going for him, ever since Cartoon Network cancelled his bread and butter. What he needs to do is punch somebody, lose an eye, get a wacky cosmic mask and then… uh… punch somebody while having a bad haircut.

  2. Well, I think he killed an entire planet once. Does that count?

  3. It does if your name is Silver Surfer.

    As for John, Geoff Johns says he has plans… but hell, I’m waiting to see. The continuous clean-up of Hal Jordan’s guilt is not yet over, it seems.