The Top 200 Fighting Game Endings: Part Eight

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60) Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side – SENATOR

When Eternal Champions was upgraded into its Challenge from the Dark Side form, they introduced a lot of new characters. Some were other fallen would-be heroes from throughout history. Some were playable animals. There was even Death himself, who had mysteriously lost his status. The most memorable new guy was the Senator, a spoof on the government focus on violent video games and a headswap of Larcen Tyler.

The Senator was a selfish, corrupt politician who sold out to all the corporations and special interest groups until making an actual humane decision for once and being rejected by his Republican brethren. He ran as an independent and lost by a landslide, causing him to die of a heart attack. In the game, his fighting style is described as “Dishonesty”, which includes throwing red tape, banning violence and turning invisible while yelling, “I AM NOT A CROOK!”

Given a second chance, he calms down his heart rate and gives a concession speech where he admits his own wrongdoing, but also incriminates the other fat cats in Washington. This takes the world by storm and a mulligan election is demanded. Truly, this man has learned his lesson and will bring true political reform to the government!

Only a flood of scandals come out about the Senator, such as how he hires illegal immigrants, has sold military secrets to other countries and has a mistress in each state. It ruins his political career, but he still comes out a winner due to his budding career of writing books, selling the movie rights and appearing on talkshows for the rest of his life.

59) Mortal Kombat 9 – RAIN

People joke about Raiden being a complete, destructive dumbass during the course of the Mortal Kombat reboot, but at the end of the day, he did win. Sure, all the good guys other than himself, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade are dead and the world is easy pickings for fallen god Shinnok, but at least he succeeded in stopping Shao Kahn for good, right? Maybe the idea that Raiden being a dunce is overblown. Maybe…

Rain’s story is that he’s the adopted son of an Edenian general who fell to Shao Kahn years ago. Rain had trained with the Edenian resistance, but grew arrogant due to his own skills and was offended that he didn’t get his own army to lead. He betrayed his people to join Shao Kahn, but in his ending, he turns on Kahn for refusing to give him his own army, as agreed. Not the most heroic of reasons by any means, but he got the job done and that’s worth something, right?

Raiden congratulates Rain and considers his actions heroic and befitting of a man of his bloodline. Raiden brings it to Rain’s attention that he is the long-lost son of Argus, a god of Edenia and Raiden’s counterpart as that realm’s protector. In a moment that’s meant to inspire Rain to greatness, it has a different effect.

Seeing that he’s a demigod, Rain figures that domination is his birthright, so he finally gets his own army by taking over where Shao Kahn left off. He conquers Earthrealm as a first step in overtaking all reality.

Thanks a lot, Raiden!

58) Tekken 4 and Tekken 5 – KING
2002, 2005

Tekken 4 introduces blackballed Vale Tudo fighter Craig Marduk, who is immediately written into a rivalry with the game’s resident wrestler King. Marduk was caught up in a scandal that ended his professional fighting career and his own self-destruction led to him going too far and murdering King’s mentor Armor King in a bar fight. King secretly pays his bail and buys him a plane ticket with an invitation to the King of Iron Fist tournament. King desperately wants his revenge.

In the tournament, King kicks the shit out of Marduk to the point of knocking him into a coma. In King’s ending, which is canon, King enters the hospital under the guise of paying his respect and offering him “get well” flowers. With nobody around, King looks at the prone Marduk and prepares to finish the job. With his fist ready to strike, King suddenly notices some of Marduk’s belongings nearby, including a photo of Marduk with his parents.

King wants to kill him, but realizes that he can’t. Marduk has a family who loves him. Would it really solve anything or would it just bring them the same pain that Marduk brought him? When would the cycle end? King leaves the photo on Marduk’s chest, as if trying to tell him that this is what just saved his life. Then King angrily storms out of the room.

In the following game, Marduk tries to avenge his beating by antagonizing the hell out of King by publicly competing in an Armor King mask. The two meet up during Tekken 5 and once again, King comes out on top. Marduk, humbled, admits defeat and is surprised to see King hold out his hand. King helps him to his feet and they stand there with a look of mutual respect.

In his ending, King is shown being beaten down in the ring by a pair of masked wrestlers. King weakly crawls to his corner and makes the tag. Marduk steps in and takes down the two opponents himself. Then he and King do this crazy thing.

The two hold up their tag title belts. From here on out, the two are total bros. King retained his honor and in return, Marduk regained his.

57) Dead or Alive 4 – BRAD WONG

Brad Wong is the resident drunken master character of the Dead or Alive series and he exists for the sake of 1) getting drunk, 2) fighting and 3) hitting on women. When 2 and 3 don’t go so well for him, he gives zero fucks because of 1.

Throughout the games, he searches for a legendary drink called genra and in Dead or Alive 4, he finally finds it. He sits alone in a forest and calmly plays some kind of eastern violin that I don’t know the name of. He pours some of the genra into a bowl, gulps it down and then lets out a rather delirious and satisfied scream before falling on his back.

Then it gets nuts. He starts tripping balls like nobody’s business in a martial arts version of the Chemical Brothers’ video for “Let Forever Be”.

After about a minute of this trip, Wong recovers, sits back up and decides to have another gulp. Again, he screams and falls back as he presumably has another entertaining experience.

56) Street Fighter III: Third Strike – HUGO ANDORE

In Second Impact, Hugo goes on a quest to find the perfect tag team partner. By Third Strike, he’s realized that that isn’t enough. I mean, this is the late 90’s. Wrestling isn’t about tag teams anymore. It’s about factions! New World Order, D-Generation X, Nation of Domination, the Corporation, etc. By recruiting soldiers via victory in battle, Hugo hopes to truly make his name in the world of wrestling.

We see the end of a tag team match at an unnamed wrestling promotion, but there appears to be some kind of earthquake. Hugo, as well as some others, are shown underneath the ring as they lift it up and flip it over. Hugo is revealed along with his stable, the Huge Wrestling Army, all wearing pink HWA t-shirts. While Poison – who cuts a promo to announce the team – mentions that there are over 50 members, the ones we see in the background are all Street Fighter III characters. Notable recruits include Gill and Twelve, who seem hilariously out of place. Especially Gill, who is really getting into it as he waves and smiles to the crowd. Not what you’d expect from a cult-worshipped deity.

Ken doesn’t even get why he’s part of this and he’s disturbed to see that Ryu is having an absolute blast. Ryu figures that this is exciting and could make for an interesting training experience.

With Hugo flexing behind her, Poison wonders if anyone has the guts to challenge them. If not, then that overturned ring will be their base of operations.

…Oh God, I just got the mental image of Guile stopping them while acting like John Cena. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

55) King of Fighters XI – FATAL FURY TEAM

In this game, they did away with Kim Kaphwan’s team of reformed convicts to put him with Terry Bogard and breakdancing weirdo Duck King as a way of representing the Fatal Fury series. Since they all share a bevy of supporting characters, their ending is one big get-together and appears to be the one time where Kim gets his just desserts. The three hang out together at the Pao Pao Café, a nightclub owned by fellow fighter and friend Richard Meyer.

Kim is intent on angrily discussing his visions of what justice and training are about. Terry and Duck King try to humor him, hoping to get him to shut up, but he keeps getting more and more intense about it. Chang and Choi – for once seen in street clothes – hide behind a bush and groan about how they’re going to get lectured for hours instead of getting drunk. Kim demands Terry settle down and have a family like him and Duck King proceeds to make faces behind Kim’s back.

Finally, the rest of the crew shows up in the form of Joe, Andy and Mai. They hit the road with Chang and Choi, while making sure to not bring Kim along with them. They’re off to paint the town red.

Hours later, Kim is completely drunk and Richard Meyer wants him to leave, as it’s closing time. Kim just kind of slinks there, telling him, “Richard, you know you can always come to me if you ever have any problems.” Kim can’t get it through his head that HE is the problem as he desperately tries to find someone to listen to him mumble about justice.

54) Soul Calibur IV – TIRA

Tira is like a Frankenstein’s monster of nerd culture. One part Harley Quinn. One part Gollum. She’s an insane murderer who worships the Soul Edge and sees it as a kindred spirit. She mainly follows Nightmare, the Soul Edge made flesh, who is more likely to snuff her out than reward her for her loyalty.

Tira finds Nightmare on his throne and bows to him, apparently after she had destroyed the rival sword Soul Calibur. Nightmare starts wigging out and Tira realizes that he’s dying. The Soul Edge has become too powerful and Nightmare’s body can’t hold up to it.

I love this one for the mix of voice acting (by Jennifer Hale), the look and the bizarre situation. Tira speaks in a higher-pitched, childlike voice while in her head she’s more gravely. Her response to realizing that Nightmare is dying is one of emotional devastation. It’s like watching her own father die in front of her. To Nightmare, she’s just an afterthought, but Tira’s so invested in him that she’s crying for him not to go. All the while, her darker voice speaks of how she’ll never be allowed to be happy. Everything she tries falls apart.

Nightmare finally goes limp and the spirit energy leaves the body. Tira is suddenly calmed, understanding that like Frosty the Snowman, the Soul Edge will be back one day. It’s almost a happy ending until the final epilogue text mentions that once the Soul Edge rises from dormancy, it will destroy the world. That’s when you remember, oh yeah, Tira is evil.

53) Street Fighter x Tekken – DHALSIM AND SAGAT

Manga writer Nakahira Masahiko had written a handful of Street Fighter stories and a cool thing about Capcom is that they went and made a lot of it canon. Most famous is the inclusion of his character Karin Kanzuki. Recently, they’ve incorporated a subplot from his completely awesome manga Street Fighter III: Ryu Final. The manga showed that shortly after losing to Ryu at the end of the first game, Sagat stumbled onto a situation where he found out about a poacher using two orphaned children as living decoys to hunt tigers. Sagat liberated the children and ended up adopting them. It’s also insinuated that the girl has a crush on Ryu.

Did I mention the flashback involves Sagat taking a series of bullets to the chest at point-blank range and not even flinching because he’s THAT pissed off and determined? Because it does!

In Sagat’s storyline for Street Fighter x Tekken, the little girl has gone missing. Dhalsim comes to him, saying that children from his village has gone missing as well and he feels that someone is doing this to lure them towards Pandora’s Box, which is said to be powered by the battling of great warriors. The zen-minded Dhalsim and the hardcore Sagat join forces to save the kids and punish whoever is behind the kidnappings.

After taking down Ogre, they find the children. Well, two children. I guess it saved the animators rendering time, plus made it easier for them to be carried away. Oh, and it’s never mentioned how the kids and the half-naked bald guys are able to survive being in the South Pole. Whatever.

Dhalsim suggests that Pandora itself had captured the kids in an attempt to draw them there. The box opens up and a pillar of light erupts. Dhalsim says that there are rumors that the power within rivals the gods. He asks Sagat about the next step.

“The power of the gods? A king has no need.” Then Sagat walks away with daughter in hand as the box closes and becomes dormant. What a badass.

52) Mortal Kombat Trilogy – MILEENA/NOOB SAIBOT

Reintroduced in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mileena had a strange ending that painted the picture of what Mortal Kombat 4 could have been: a tournament created by Shao Kahn due to Mileena’s blackmail in return for Sindel and Kitana, where Baraka would reappear as the final boss. Kind of weird, but okay. Then in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, they scrapped that for a new ending.

Mileena died during the course of Mortal Kombat II and was reborn in the Netherrealm, which is just a fancy way of saying Hell. There, she meets Shinnok, the fallen Elder God who had been banished there by Raiden centuries ago. While Mileena has always been loyal to Kahn, she’s outright terrified of Shinnok and is sent back to side with her father and betray him. She does so, allowing Shinnok to make himself known and rule the world.

Then there’s Noob Saibot, who despite appearing in a handful of games, had never been given a sliver of background. His Trilogy ending shows that he has been the herald of Shinnok all along and, like Mileena, joined up with Kahn’s army so that he could betray him. Again, Shinnok shows up in the aftermath.

These are text endings, but they do an awesome job at really giving us a look at where the series is going next. We just got four games in a row that involved fighting Shao Kahn, so we needed something new and fresh. A fallen god who rules Hell sounds like the coolest shit ever, doesn’t it?

Then we ended up getting this.

Wow. Great. A clown with a funny hat. What a fearsome foe.

51) Mortal Kombat: Deception – RAIDEN

Hey, speaking of crazy gods.

Since Raiden was getting kind of stale, Deception and Armageddon gave him a new coat of paint by having him blow himself up and be reborn. Only he came back a little red-eyed and extreme, deciding that he needed to be less Superman and more Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman. And really, it’s hard to blame him for his frustration.

In the game’s side-mode Konquest, you play as Shujinko, a teenager who spends about sixty years of his life doing fetch quests for what he believes to be the Elder Gods, but is really just Onaga the Dragon King messing with him. You could almost excuse him for being duped if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s shown repeatedly as the most gullible jackass who will eat a baby if you ask him. Shujinko ends up resurrecting Onaga, putting all of reality in peril and fixes it by unseating the infinitely more popular Scorpion as the new Champion of the Elder Gods. Shujinko is most certainly not the most beloved hero of the Mortal Kombat universe.

Raiden is pissed at Shujinko and confronts him. Even though Shujinko undid his mistake and saved the world, Raiden doesn’t give a shit. He fries the idiot for daring to threaten Earthrealm. We’re supposed to see this as a horrible act, but I don’t think too many people were broken up over it. Go Raiden!

50) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – SHUMA-GORATH

Hey, speaking of crazy gods… again.

The inclusion of Shuma-Gorath is always so weird to me. Capcom insisted on using this obscure Dr. Strange villain despite never mentioning Dr. Strange. He’s treated as being on the level of the likes of Iron Man and Magneto when he’s really far beyond that and is more in league with Galactus or Cthulhu. I even recall seeing Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada asked about Shuma Gorath and him having no idea who that was. When the Marvel vs. Capcom series was revitalized, they again insisted on bringing the tentacle creature back for another go.

We’re shown a newspaper front page headline about how “He Who Sleeps But Shall Awake” has become the world’s savior. Shuma narrates that he meant to conquer this planet, but for taking out Galactus, he’s been welcomed with open arms. Shuma muses over a human saying that applies here: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

Shuma goes on to host Japanese game show the Super Monster Awesome Hour, which I can only imagine is a huge hit. Why can’t this become canon? Really, nobody’s using Shuma for anything in the comics so just have him start doing this.

49) BlazBlue Calamity Trigger – TAOKAKA

BlazBlue’s storyline is a giant headache for me and I wish it wasn’t, but with all the possible branches, there’s too much for me to really wrap my head around. Still, I came across this non-canon ending from Taokaka’s story mode and loved it. On her search for the series’ main character Ragna, freaky catgirl Taokaka gets into various misadventures due to her ADD and constant hunger. In one path, she fights a series of robots made to look like her and is saved by larger-than-life ninja dude Bang Shishigami, or as Taokaka calls him, “Old Scruffy Man”.

Through either talking to him or fighting him, it leads to the same ending where Bang wants to take Taokaka back to her home, but isn’t able to get an answer of where that is. Then he sees how hungry she is and decides that he’ll take her in as an apprentice. She’ll get all the food she can eat in return. Taokaka hops up in joy and takes him up on the offer.

Taokaka isn’t as determined to her training as Bang would like and he tries to act all serious about it, but as his subordinates point out, he spoils her too much. Despite his attempts to be stern, he’s too much of a loving father. Still, they’re one big, happy family and Taokaka learns much from her time with Bang.

It could seriously have ended here and would have been good. Then it just keeps going and gets better.

One day, their village is under siege. The subordinates are killed. Bang tells Taokaka to run, telling her that their days together “weren’t bad”. He runs off to die heroically, leaving Taokaka to scream his name in vain. From there, it becomes a goofy movie trailer, hinting at how Taokaka’s good friend Litchi is the evil mastermind behind everything and showing off Taokaka’s unstoppable Super Mode powers.

This summer, come see the epic martial arts action film Bang Shishigami Ninpo, Ninja Scrolls Gaiden: The Revenge of Tao!

Then the screen goes black and after a long pause, Taokaka is heard saying, “………OK, that’s a lie.”

If only it wasn’t.

48) Saturday Night Slam Masters – TRUE ENDING

Saturday Night Slam Masters is one of the most fun wrestling games ever. No doubt about it. It’s so fun that it’s easy to miss that at no point is this guy in the game.

Yeah, you have this Billy Graham/Hulk Hogan knockoff wearing the title belt and tearing his shirt off in the intro and yet he’s nowhere to be seen. The game’s champ is an evil luchador with electric teleporting powers, so what gives?

He isn’t as absent as you’d think. The ending most people see in the game has the chosen wrestler defend their belt against all challengers, cut a promo about being the best and then being challenged by a trio of never-before-seen wrestlers. The reason most have seen this ending is because that’s what you get when you play through with continues.

If you go without continuing, Victor Ortega, the man from the intro, walks out in a cape. He was the #1 guy in the CWA until finding that there were no challenges left for him to face. Now he sees you and while he isn’t as young as he once was, he feels that you aren’t champ unless you take him down. Your wrestler gets his own specific one-liner where he accepts Ortega’s challenge. A cool cliffhanger ending that’s sullied by the Ortega sprite’s complete lack of animation. I mean, you’ll see El Stingray bouncing back and forth while Ortega stands completely still.

47) King of Fighters ’97 – Team Japan

Back when King of Fighters games came out annually, King of Fighters ’97 was sort of a big deal. They spent four years building up to this climactic battle against a god intent on destroying the world and they did a pretty good job making it seem like a big finale. Since Kyo has been labeled the hero of the series, his team with Benimaru and Goro Daimon gets a neat gimmick to close out this chapter. Defeating the god Orochi, you get a scene that appears in all endings where he retreats and warns that he’ll return somewhere from ten to a hundred years to try again.

The three talk up how they stopped Orochi for now and how much of a blast it’s been fighting together for four years in a row. They joke around and then go their separate ways. While we get a little explanation of what becomes of Benimaru and Goro, it’s moot since they’re both incredibly boring and they can’t come up with anything more than, “They go around and fight a lot and win most of the time.” Meanwhile, Kyo looks off into the night sky and reflects on the last four years, thinking about all he’s been through. Rugal, the Orochi bloodline and Orochi himself… But it’s all over, right?

The music suddenly cuts out and Kyo senses that Iori is nearby. Back before the scenario became completely cliché for the series, Kyo and Iori kick in their fire powers, taunt each other and then start fighting.

Here’s the cool part. If you finished off Orochi using Benimaru or Goro, it simply cuts to the credits. But if you finished off Orochi using Kyo, you will actually get a bonus round of Kyo vs. Iori. Winning or losing leads to two separate cutscenes of the two taunting each other some more with a background made entirely of fire as they go for the kill. Of course, neither actually dies here, but it goes to show that despite the Orochi threat being done away with, there’s far more juice in these characters.

Also, as great as this gimmicky ending is, it isn’t even the most climactic OR the one that’s canon. We’ll get to that later.

46) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – WANG JINREI

Haha, oh man. This one. The elderly martial arts master Wang is in a room, sitting alongside Jinpachi Mishima, Dr. Bosconovitch and Sebastian. Four Tekken characters who have little in common outside of age. Wang is very serious and grim, telling them that he asked them there to discuss their futures and the meaning of their existence. All of this seriousness is suddenly sidestepped when Wang angrily says, “I want to be a stud.”

Jinpachi brings up how Wang died in his Tekken 6 ending, meaning he should be dead storywise. Wang says Jinpachi doesn’t have room to talk, since he turned to dust at the end of Tekken 5. The game developers don’t have the guts to kill off their characters for good, even if they are unimportant compared to Jin and Kazuya. Bosconovitch takes the floor and figures that in his own way, he’s immortal. Even if he isn’t popular on his own, he’ll always be integral to the stories of Yoshimitsu, Bryan Fury, Alisa and Jack. And also, he can solve a lot of their problems by making them all immortal through cybernetic attachments, giving them sweet chainsaw hands and rocket boosters.

Sebastian finally breaks his silence. To him, serving Lili is more important than anything and gives his life meaning. But still… that thing about the chainsaw hands does sound pretty righteous.

Cut to later when slightly-less-old characters Baek and Ganryu walk in late with their invitations. They find the four geezers talking amongst themselves in front of a big screen of blueprints as they happily discuss their upcoming augmentations. Baek is immediately embarrassed by what’s transpiring, only to see that Ganryu is beside himself with happiness. He can’t WAIT for chainsaw hands!

45) Savage Reign – GORDON BOWMAN

Gordon’s storyline and ending are filled with so much ridiculous shit that it creates an unstoppable mountain of dandruff from all the head scratching. From the future, Gordon is an overweight and hideous police officer with an overly hairy chest and electric nightstick. Despite his looks, he’s the only guy in the cast who has proof of having at some time procreated, as he has a young daughter named Canby. Sadly, Canby is seriously ill and Gordon’s police salary isn’t going to cut it. To save her life, he’s going to enter and win the Battle of the Beast God Tournament, proving that in the future, they’ve mastered fighting tournament naming technology.

King Leo kneels down, defeated and bitter, telling Gordon to take his prize money and leave. Gordon reminds that this is for his daughter’s operation, so he doesn’t want King Leo thinking he’s some kind of corrupt cop. Leo holds his tongue. Gordon adjusts his hat, says he has to go and then literally runs over Leo.

The operation is a success and people figure that Gordon will go back to fighting crime as one of the world’s top police officers. Instead, we see Canby standing inside a wrestling ring with a ring announcer. The announcer introduces “Big Gordon”, who hops into the ring and poses before dropping this bit of wisdom.

“Bounty hunter pays better than cop!”

But… you’re… You’re obviously a pro wrestler! I… what?!

Canby tells her father that she’s proud and he pumps his fist while yelling to the crowd.

44) Dead or Alive 4 – BAYMAN

Bayman is out to eliminate Victor Donovan and infiltrates DOATEC headquarters to get himself a piece. Unfortunately, he’s made when he gets in a fight with fellow assassin Christie. We find Bayman with his hands cuffed, sitting in a dark room with a layout that strongly resembles Cerebro from the X-Men movies. A big-breasted woman (this is DOA, remember) comes in with a guard to interrogate Bayman. She’s been using what looks to be a mix of truth serum and hallucinogens on Bayman, hoping to get him to talk. He resists, but as she notes, it’s starting to take effect.

Bayman starts freaking out and we see visions, mostly taken from his previous endings. We see him remembering his parents being gunned down by a helicopter when he was a boy. Memories of lurking through swamps and slashing throats like John Rambo. This woman wants the truth? Is that what she wants?!


So he stabs himself with her pen, probably to snap himself back to reality and his interrogators run off because Jesus Christ, did you see that?! At the same time, ninja girl Ayane is attacking the building and performs a blast of chi flame so huge that it overflows into the hallways and vaporizes the running woman and her guard. With the place burning down around him, Bayman stands there, laughing.

43) Samurai Shodown V – GENJURO KIBAGAMI

Genjuro has slain the game’s final boss Gaoh and he’s immediately thanked by the cloaked figure who hired him for this quest. Genjuro has figured out who the guy is underneath and attacks him. The cloak is removed, revealing a man named Sankuro, who wanted Gaoh out of the way so that he could take over the land of Hinowa in his place. Genjuro doesn’t like that he’s been tricked and is ready to kill the fool, but Gaoh is able to get him to hesitate by offering information on Genjuro’s parents.

Gaoh’s followers flock over and shield him from Genjuro, begging the samurai to not kill their new leader. This group includes a couple women and while Genjuro is a scumbag, he has a real distaste for killing women. He turns his back and says that he never wants to see Gaoh’s face again.

Gaoh shoots Genjuro in the back. Gaoh boasts about coming out on top of this and says that Genjuro should show the new lord of Hinowa some respect. Genjuro isn’t quite dead yet and dashes at the party, no longer caring about who’s in his way. With his precision, he slashes Gaoh, killing him. Then he succumbs to the bullet and passes out. Later on, he wakes up to discover that his rival Haohmaru saved his life. Genjuro springs to his feet and attacks, which is proof enough for Haohmaru that Genjuro will be fine and he takes his leave.

42) Mortal Kombat 3 – SEKTOR

Sektor and Cyrax are antagonists in the big picture sense, but when you look at it, they’re still at odds with Shao Kahn’s forces. While the rebooted version of the game’s story had the Lin Kuei pledge allegiance to Kahn, Sektor’s original ending is far cooler. He’s killed Sub-Zero. Now what?

The Outworld invaders see this robot ninja and since he isn’t part of their ranks, they go to snuff him out like they would any threat. Sektor’s logic dictates that not only are these guys a threat to him, but to the Lin Kuei as well. And for once, faulty evil computer logic is correct! Sektor fights through a wave of bad guys, makes his way into Kahn’s fortress, then turns on his self-destruct sequence. The resulting explosion engulfs Kahn, his forces and his portal, setting everything back to normal. The world was saved and the only negative is that Sub-Zero had to die for it to happen. That’s not such a bad trade.

41) King of Fighters XI – NEO PSYCHO SOLDIERS TEAM

The team of Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou and Momoko reflect on their victory. Kensou is uncharacteristically serious here, thinking about how he never would have won if not for the teachings of his master Chin. If only the old man were alive to see how far he has improved. Kensou looks up into the sky and sees a large image of Chin in the clouds.

Athena reminds him that Chin is still alive. Momoko breaks the fourth wall by wondering why Chin’s image is so huge. Athena figures that’s just how Kensou remembers him.

Kensou ignores them and honors the memory of the dearly departed Bao, who helped him train. Bao appears in the clouds as well, though little more than a speck. Again, Athena points out that Bao is alive and well and Momoko doesn’t quite understand why he’s so small.

Kensou then thanks Baitang, the panda. Athena has to explain to Momoko that Baitang (who is also still among the living) was a striker character on their team back in King of Fighters 2000. There’s literally no reason for Kensou to be bringing him up. It sidetracks for a second, as it’s discussed how Kensou reined in his power use for the tournament as part of his training, as becoming dependent on it causes the likes of Rugal and the NESTS Cartel. He looks up again to thank all of his dead friends who helped him on his way.

The inclusion of Psycho Soldiers super fan Kaoru is not mentioned, but her being there renders Athena and Momoko speechless.

Then there’s a more serious stinger that shows the evil ninja Ron looking over Kensou, but nobody cares about that subplot anyway. Not even SNK.

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  1. That move that King and Marduk do is “Muscle Docking” from Kinnikuman!

  2. I think that Taokaka ending might actually contain a G Gundam reference, which is wonderful if true.

  3. @smashpro1: Haha, yes! I was going to mention that I thought it was from Kinnikuman, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was called or anything. Kudos!