Where’s David?

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-I’m doing a weekly column for ComicsAlliance. There’s not a category for it yet, but you can see everything I write for CA here and the latest piece here. I’m talking about Paul Tobin and Juan Ferrerya’s solidly creepy comic Colder. Cop it here.

-I’m doing a two-part piece for Kotaku, in concert with Evan Narcisse. We’re talking about the general state of black folks and video games, basically. Read part one here. Part two hits next week, presumably around this time. If the comments over there make you uncomfortable and you wanna discuss it here, feel free to get it in in the comments.

-I mentioned it already, but I’m doing two panels at ECCC the weekend after next. Here’s the details:

Room: 3AB
Start: 7:00PM
End: 7:55PM

Jeff Parker, writer of fan-favorite comics like Red She-Hulk and Agents of Atlas, sits down with David Brothers to have a frank and funny conversation about what working on comics is really like, where inspiration actually comes from, and why if you want to be a pro you need to stop being a fan. Do you have preconceptions of what the comics industry is like? Come through and watch this tag team destroy them with jokes, opinions, and hard facts.

Room: 2AB
Start: 1:00PM
End: 1:55PM

This year, the geek community’s strained relationship with diversity came to a head. Conflicts over exclusion, and identity politics, and what makes a “real” geek have exploded into the mainstream media. Creators, curators, community leaders, and critics on the front lines examine the fight over geek identity and barriers to diversity in geek communities and media; and propose concrete steps toward a diverse and inclusive geek culture. Join industry leaders Rachel Edidin, David Brothers, Andy Khouri, Regina Buenaobra, Sarah Kuhn, Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Kate Welch as they discuss this hot button issue.

I’m pretty flattered that Rachel asked me to be on her panel, especially on a subject as… not complicated, not nuanced, but kind of those things. Sensitive? Something. Hopefully I can stick the landing, but if not, everyone else on the panel is pretty bomb.

I’m really into this Parker/Brothers panel. It started as a dumb joke borne from me cooking dinner at midnight and Jeff staying up late working/goofing off on Twitter, and now it’s a whole thing where we get to sit in front of people and talk about things. If you’re at ECCC, come through and laugh at our jokes, if that’s your thing. I don’t want to make any promises about the panel, but I think it’ll be time well spent. At the very least, we’re gonna make you smile. It ends just before eight, so come through for a belly full of laughs and then jet to go get food/alcohol/whatever after.

-I tend to run long when I write, so I’m going to try and bust out more short pieces here on 4l!. The long stuff will still show up (please believe) but I’d like to get more regular here soon. This isn’t a promise. It’s just a hope. Trying to figure out where I’m at with regard to writing and blogging and such, and that means experimenting and erasing my comfort zones. Bear with me.

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4 comments to “Where’s David?”

  1. I will definitely check out Colder. I wish Dark Horse’s comics reader wasn’t as buggy and user unfriendly compared to Comixology.

    Also – I’m not sure if I really understood them right, but Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance just informed us that Raiden is actually an albino Namibian, and not a random white kid that happened to be conscripted into Solidus’s army of probably not white child soldiers.

    Is this just more bizarre eastern cultural insensitivity?

  2. MAN i wish i could be there for these. and that Looking Past The Target Audience panel has a killer line-up.

  3. I still pissed that Dark Avengers is ending soon; Jeff Parker is such a good writer!

  4. Hey, I’ll be there. I’ll try to say hello if I can get through the crush of your adoring groupies! (Or Parker’s – I know he has them!)