Are you going to Emerald City Comicon?

February 8th, 2013 by |

Room: 3AB
Start: 7:00PM
End: 7:55PM

Jeff Parker, writer of fan-favorite comics like Red She-Hulk and Agents of Atlas, sits down with David Brothers to have a frank and funny conversation about what working on comics is really like, where inspiration actually comes from, and why if you want to be a pro you need to stop being a fan. Do you have preconceptions of what the comics industry is like? Come through and watch this tag team destroy them with jokes, opinions, and hard facts.

Room: 2AB
Start: 1:00PM
End: 1:55PM

This year, the geek community’s strained relationship with diversity came to a head. Conflicts over exclusion, and identity politics, and what makes a “real” geek have exploded into the mainstream media. Creators, curators, community leaders, and critics on the front lines examine the fight over geek identity and barriers to diversity in geek communities and media; and propose concrete steps toward a diverse and inclusive geek culture. Join industry leaders Rachel Edidin, David Brothers, Andy Khouri, Regina Buenaobra, Sarah Kuhn, Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Kate Welch as they discuss this hot button issue.

You should come by and let me put this poison in you.

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6 comments to “Are you going to Emerald City Comicon?”

  1. Parker/Brothers sounds so damn amazing that not being there makes me feel almost depressed.

    Also, if we ever get our own panel at a con, we’d have to go by my middle name: Jonas/Brothers.

  2. @Gavok: NEW YORK COMIC CON 2014


  3. also before anyone asks I’m probably going to try to record this, but no promises

  4. @david brothers: It would just be us playing a game of Guess Who. With such thrilling questions as, “Does he or she wear glasses?”

  5. One of my favorite comics journalists talking to one of my favorite comics writers? Maaaan I wish I could go.

  6. I see you’re now an “industry leader.” I want to bask in your reflected glory! Reflected glory!

    Break a leg, David. 😀