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While I talk about CHIKARA all the time, it should be mentioned that recently they introduced a little sibling promotion called Wrestling is Fun!. WiF is kind of a side project based on how much CHIKARA has grown over the years. It’s a place where CHIKARA talent can do matches and run their own little storylines without stepping on the toes of the main roster’s happenings. It’s a place for new guys who need some experience, older guys who don’t currently fit in with CHIKARA’s year-long storylines and current members of the CHIKARA roster who are up for an exhibition.

Saturday at 7, the promotion is celebrating their anniversary with a free iPPV showing off Smart Mark Video’s VOD site.

I guess this is because Smart Mark is going to be taking over iPPV duties for CHIKARA and this is as good an excuse as any to test it out.

The show will feature eight matches. On tap are:

– Mr. Touchdown defending the WiF Championship Banana against Mike Quackenbush

– Hallowicked vs. assailANT

– Gran Akuma vs. Jaka

– Green Ant vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado (accompanied by Manuel Servanto)

– Dasher Hatfield vs. Icarus

– Fire Ant vs. Kobald

– The Estonian ThunderFrog vs. Kodama

– The Devastation Corporation vs. The Flames of Love

If anything, you should watch it because of that last match. It’ll be a 30-second squash, but the Devastation Corporation is made up of guys named BLASTER MCMASSIVE and MAX SMASHMASTER. Those are easily two of the greatest names in wrestling.

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One comment to “FREE Wrestling is Fun! iPPV Saturday at 7pm”

  1. The show was pretty fun, but the stream quality didn’t convince me Smark Mark’s site is ready for prime time. Can’t say I’d be willing to put up with that much stuttering and multiple freezes if I’d paid money.