Marvel Universe vs. The No-Prize

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This week starts the first chapter of Jonathan Maberry’s Marvel Universe vs. the Avengers, expanding on the world created in Marvel Universe vs. Punisher and Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine. This time the main character is Hawkeye, coming to grips in a world rapidly succumbing to a biological defect. As always, it reads like how Marvel Zombies should have been and as far as I can tell is the first and only comic to ever depict Squirrel Girl as being killed. So it has that going for it!

Early into the issue, there’s a page depicting Captain America giving an inspirational speech to the various Avengers teams and other heroes. Looking at this page caused me a moment of confusion followed by genuine laughter because I know exactly what went wrong.

Can you spot it? Can you spot where artist Leandro Fernandez screwed up? Let’s just say that there was a bit of a miscommunication in there.

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21 comments to “Marvel Universe vs. The No-Prize”

  1. Is it Hawkeye’s giant bow? Because damn, that thing is huge.

  2. It’s Hazmat from Rise of the Imperfects in the corner. What the hell is he doing there.

  3. Ah, I think I get it – there’s a newer Hazmat, a member of Avengers Academy. (I knew I recognised the dude in the bottom-right, but I couldn’t place him. That was kind of a fun game.)

  4. I’m drawing a blank. Which as a fairly knowledgeable fanboy is driving me crazy. It wouldn’t have anything to do which that unrecognizable green character in the corner though, would it?

    That said, I’d say the colorist dropped the ball here more than Fernandez — Falcon and Quicksilver look completely wrong. That said, it looks like Fernandez’s references for Speedball and Shang-Chi are a little out of date. Like 20 years or so.

  5. It’s either how Wolverine looks way too happy to be there, or how the Black Panther is apparently a woman now.

  6. @G Morrow: And in the time it took to write that, other people answered it.

    Still, I’d like to think that Fernandez just did a quick and sloppy web search to get that, not that he had to suffer through that terrible game.

  7. Yep. It appears that the script said to put in Hazmat, as various Academy characters were tossed in there. A trip through GIS and “Marvel Hazmat” caused Fernandez to draw in a character that Marvel doesn’t even own the rights to.

  8. Black Panther has been a woman for a while – or rather, there has been a woman Black Panther operating alongside T’Challa for a while.

  9. Sweet Hazmat finally got added to Marvel Canon! Shoot His backstory kinda fits with the theme of horrible plague turning folks into cannibals. Now to wait for Johnny Ohm to pop in as well.

  10. Wait so Does the rest of the comic have imperfect Hazmat or did Fernandez fix his error later on? I mean Marvel could just buy those characters off EA since EA isn’t going to use them any time soon.

  11. Just did a google image search for “Marvel Hazmat” and the first 5 images that came up were for Hazmat from Rise of the Imperfects. I like that artists use google too.

  12. The funniest part of this all to me was that I couldn’t recognize him, but did recognize the Avengers Academy character that looks like an electrical tape mummy, so I assumed the green guy in the corner was also Avengers Academy.

  13. Um…folks…Hazmat from Avengers Academy is a GIRL…lol

  14. Besides there are a couple of members of the Academy there…and looking at the photo Hazmat isn’t one of them… (Mettle, Striker, and Veil)

    I really can’t spot the mistake otherwise and will be interested in the answer….

  15. Don’t care. Maberry’s vs the Universe saga is farking awesome.

    Does Deadpool show up in this?

  16. @Daryll B.: I mean Sweet Nemesis Hazmat finally got added to canon. though do we call him Hazmat or N.Hazmat, or do we just call him Green Hazmat and the other Yellow Hazmat,So how long until we get a Blue, Red, Pink, and black Hazmat so marvel can pull off a sentai mini comic.

  17. @Daryll B.: Um… What the fuck? It’s like you read the comments, but at the same time didn’t read the comments. The mistake is that he was told to draw Avengers Academy Hazmat, didn’t know who that was, checked Google Image Search and drew Marvel Imperfects Hazmat, who Marvel doesn’t even own.

    @SomerandomGuy: There’s no sign of either Hazmat after that.

    @CapoDelBandito: Haven’t seen Deadpool yet, though he’ll probably show up since the story takes place in-between the Wolverine mini and the Punisher one.

  18. I think the hilarious part was they’re talking about saving a city, out in the middle of a dessert with two destroyed cars.

  19. Read this yesterday, and thought that the page with the three panels of Hawkeye taking a shot from his target’s POV deserved to be the one this week’s TWiP should include.

  20. lol Gavok…I avoided Marvel Imperfects like the plague… hence my clueness syndrome…. God bless you folks that could spot that one… If it that green dude in the lower corner.. I thought it was a badly drawn lovechild of Blackheart and Man-Thing…..ew at that thought….

    BTW I hope you got to read Marvel Zombies Halloween because..in jokes galore with that one…

  21. […] Last week I talked about how Marvel Universe vs. the Avengers #1 had a funny and obscure screw-up where Avengers Academy member Hazmat was meant to be drawn in and instead the artist inserted Hazmat from crappy EA game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. Jonathan Maberry, writer of the series, was at the signing and I had to have him sign the page. Greg Pak was next to him and Pak had written the Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects miniseries, which I loved, so I had him join in on the fun. […]