This Week in Panels: Week 139

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Hey, paisanos! It’s the This Week in Panels Super Show!

This week, I have Jody, Gaijin Dan, Space Jawa and Was Taters helping me out. Gaijin Dan threw me some manga panels last week, but it got eaten due to an email mishap, so here they are this week.

In one panel, Hulk sets himself up as an enemy to both Daniel Bryan AND CM Punk.

Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth
Rob Williams, Brian Clevinger and Thony Silas

Avengers Academy #30
Christos Gage and Tom Grummett

Avengers vs. X-Men #4
Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman and John Romita Jr.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Versus #2 (Gavin’s pick)
Steve McNiven, Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca

Avengers vs. X-Men: Versus #2 (Jody’s pick)
Steve McNiven, Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca

Bakuman #176
Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Bleach #489
Tite Kubo

Blue Beetle #9
Tony Bedard and Marcio Takara

Captain Atom #9
J.T. Krul and Freddie Williams II

Fantastic Four #605.1 (Jody’s pick)
Jonathan Hickman and Mike Choi

Fantastic Four #605.1 (Gavin’s pick)
Jonathan Hickman and Mike Choi

Green Lantern Corps #9
Peter J. Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin

Incredible Hulk #7.1
Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo

Naruto #583
Masashi Kishimoto

Nightwing #9
Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows and Andres Guinaldo

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #199
Hiroshi Shiibashi

One Piece #664
Eiichiro Oda

Shade #8
James Robinson and Jill Thompson

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm #4
John Ostrander and Jan Duursema

Supergirl #9
Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar

Thunderbolts #174
Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey

Toriko #184
Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Uncanny X-Men #12
Kieron Gillen and Greg Land

Venom #18
Rick Remender, Cullen Bunn and Lan Medina

Winter Soldier #5
Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

Wonder Woman #9
Brian Azzarello and Tony Akins

Rather than go back to the Thunderbolts well just yet, tomorrow’s post is going to be yet another big wrestling thing. More specifically, a CHIKARA thing. In the meantime, here, have some CHIKARA.

I love Chuck’s incredulous reaction to the ref casually stopping the count because Archie told him to.

In fact, have some more CHIKARA.

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9 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 139”

  1. They explain what happened to toxin’s old personality/host?

  2. @Drakyn: I believe Rick Remender said at a panel recently that Pat Mulligan was beaten to death in an alley and his symbiote stolen by Blackheart. Of course, this isn’t gospel until we see it in print or anything.

  3. Man, I’m glad of the potential sales boost T-Bolts is gonna get from becoming Dark Avengers, but this past issue was kinda bittersweet.

    Also, I feel like they’re whoring away some of their virtue somehow.

  4. I am not a fan of Broxin. And with Cullen Bunn taking over the comic soon it looks like Venom and Eddie are in for a new generation of being tossed around and abused by writers. Anti-Venom? Jenna Cole? Goodbye potential . . . At least Flash is entertaining so far.

  5. No blame assigned to your intrepid crew, of course, but man, what a weak week in comics if those panels sum it up. It’s like the You Were Right To Quit Me Show.

    I guess we’re well into summer crossover death in the big leagues . . .

  6. The downward spin of Incredible Hulk is kind of amazing in it’s own right, like that of the more regrettable DC relaunch comics.

  7. @Mike Priest: Well, that’s a downer. Did he also say that Toxin itself got kicked in the head repeatedly until it suffered a total personality turnabout? Because man, I know this is comics and consistent characterization isn’t in any of the writer’s search histories, but this looks like a bit of a 180 even for the genre.
    That said, I guess weird/random characterization tops being used almost entirely as a device. Venom-the-suit as a drug metaphor is cool and everything, but Venom-the-suit as a character seems secondary to that so far. I mean hell, I just had to specifically point out that I was talking about the actual, consistent half of Venom instead of one of its hosts, because the thing itself tends to fade into the background as a tool/oozy version of wolverine’s berserker rage whininess.
    Wearing a living entity can and should be used for more than “in addition to my other superpowers I can grow teeth on my elbow” and “oh no I am feeling terrrrrrible urges from my eeeeevil superpowers.”

  8. @Don Delgado: Yeah it was a weaker week. AvX is very underwhelming. And none of my dc favs came out. Wolverine panels reminded me of Peter griffin catching James woods. (ooo piece of candy)

  9. the bleach,naruto and venom panels are awesome