This Week in Panels: Week 129

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Hello, neighbor. Welcome to ThWiP.

Pretty good week with Venom finishing off its awesome Circle of Four storyline and the conclusion to Heroes for Hire‘s stealth cancellation miniseries follow-up Villains for Hire. Animal Man gave us one of the best superhero moments in a long time (despite the contents of the panel this week, Buddy is the best superhero dad). And Huntress finishes off her miniseries with so little drama and feel for danger that I’m wondering if Levitz inputted the God Mode code when writing it. Here’s the six issues summed up: bad things were happening and Huntress stopped them without any problems whatsoever. The end.

This week I’m helped out by Was Taters and Space Jawa, so that’s something.

Action Comics #7
Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker

Age of Apocalypse #1
David Lapham and Roberto de la Torre

Animal Man #7
Jeff Lemire, Steve Pugh and Travel Foreman

Avengers Academy #27
Christos Gage and Karl Moline

Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #1
Christopher Yost, Eric Pearson, Luke Ross and Daniel HDR

Batwing #7
Judd Winick and Dustin Nguyen

Defenders #4
Matt Fraction and Michael Lark

Green Arrow #7
Ann Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao

Hell Yeah #1
Joe Keatinge, Andre Szymanowicz and Jason Lewis

Hulk #49
Jeff Parker and Elena Casagrande

Huntress #6
Paul Levitz and Marcus To

Infestation 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1
Tristan Jones and Mark Torres

Irredeemable #35
Mark Waid and Diego Barreto

iZombie #23
Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

Justice League International #7
Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti

O.M.A.C. #7
Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen

Star Wars: Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #5
Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley and Paul Gulacy

Static Shock #7
Marc Bernardin and Scott McDaniel

Stormwatch #7
Paul Jenkins and Ignacio Calero

Supurbia #1
Grace Randolph, Russell Daughterman and Gabriel Cassata

Swamp Thing #7
Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette

Ultimate Spider-Man #8
Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli

Venom #14
Rick Remender and Tony Moore

Villains for Hire #4
Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Renato Arlem

Winter Soldier #3
Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

In personal news, my improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center have been going swimmingly. I’m having the time of my life and I can’t recommend it enough after two classes. If anyone in the NYC area is interested, I’m going to be doing a graduation performance on Sunday, April 22nd at the UCBeast theater.

My instructor is the redhead in this clip. Pretty cool dude.

My plans are to go through all the classes and see where that takes me.

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6 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 129”

  1. Re the Star Wars panel – what the hell happened to that woman’s jaw?? :frown:

  2. @was taters: Considering it’s Star Wars-related, I think the correct question is, “What’s wrong with your faaaaaace?!”

  3. I missed the last V4H? Shoot…


  4. I liked the implications in OMAC that Talky Tawny will be part of the Shazam book when it comes out.

  5. That Green Arrow panel is terrible.

  6. Where did Superman’s armor come from?, the Action Comics readers wonder . . .

    Interesting story! Brainiac lugged it all the way from Krypton and hinted that Superman should put it on. Then a couple minutes later, Superman put it on, and it promptly paint-bucketed itself to look like the Superman costume.

    Even if that turns out to be a double-cross, and it has to, right? . . . it’s surprisingly dull for a writer who I’d expect to have a unique take on fashion.