So Here’s 4 Minutes of Green Goblin Weirdness

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While all the bloggers are at San Diego, the rest of the freaks are apparently in New York City. Except for me. I’m in the suburbs, about a half hour drive from New York City. That’s close enough, right?

I’ve talked before about my experience of seeing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Again, I say that I can’t in any good conscience call it good, but I can call it incredibly worth watching due to being too strange to exist. Words are only words, though. Finally, I have something to show you.

Now, since I’ve seen the show, there was a major upheaval. The show was shut down and rewritten because Julie Taymor is fucking crazy and had some overly-strange/stupid ideas in there. A lot of the bad stuff was removed. For instance, everyone loved Patrick Page’s portrayal of the Green Goblin, yet he was killed halfway into the story and only appeared for the rest of it as an illusion meant to torture Peter. In actuality, the true villain of the play was the Greek mythological character Arachne. Now they’ve scaled back Arachne’s role considerably and gave Green Goblin the keys to the villain throne. This in turn caused them to drop a musical number where Arachne sings about… well, shoes. Yes, really.

To make up for this void, Bono and Edge created a new song for Green Goblin which Rolling Stone described as, “the Grinch singing Lady Gaga, with an Abba-esque chorus.” WOW. That rose up my list of shit I needed to see.

Luckily, the Late Show with David Letterman had a Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark-based show where he had Edge and Bono as guests. Check out the final segment of the show.

There’s so much insanity in there, I don’t know where to start. I’ll just let you enjoy it as you repeat viewing it a dozen or so times.

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8 comments to “So Here’s 4 Minutes of Green Goblin Weirdness”

  1. I wish :stare: was on here, because this is really the only thing I can think when looking at this. Music isn’t too bad though.

  2. I wish I got to see the original insane version.

  3. Well.

    The song is certainly godawful. But it’s by the U2 idiots, so I didn’t expect anything.

    As for the rest…yeah I guess it’s insane but it’s not “funny insane” or “good insane” It’s just insipid.

    Pretty neat costumes though.

  4. What did comic book geeks do to deserve this kind of treatment?

  5. Re: “That rose up my list of shit I needed to see.”

    First, I thought that said something about your “shit list” which instantly primed me for hysterics. But that whole paragraph is about he best thing I’ve read in a long time.

    Finally, I must admit that I really liked that performance – which is weird because any description of it would sound like Spider-crap… Well, any description besides the Grinch/Gaga/ABBA one above.

  6. Swiss Miss? The coco empire wasn’t enough?

  7. It’s like a horrible parody of Ziggy Stardust or something…

  8. …OK. I’ve been badgering my former FWB to go with me to seethis play. Now, our status as former FWBs makes sense.