The Cipher 12/22/10

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Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun, I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
created: Oh yes, we’re still going strong with this Digital December ish on CA.

DC Comics! IDW launching something new! Marvel Comics and their vault! I also contributed #s 7 and 4 to the Best of the Year over there. King City and The Outfit, of course. Who loves you, baby?

-Anyone notice which question almost everyone skipped? Pay attention. There will be a quiz, and after the quiz comes beatings.

-Over at TFO’s Best Music countdown, I chipped in number 14 (Gorillaz, “Stylo”), definitely one of my favorites this year. I’ve got another song coming and I’m really happy with how that review turned out, plus a bigger piece that I’m collabing with somebody on. Yes.

Watching the ships roll in
consumed: I’m about to consume a bunch of burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and steaks, but I gotta cook them first, right? So pardon if these are short. I’ve got 4th of July BBQ for Christmas Eve Eve Eve to get to.

-Warren Ellis’s Supergod: Sucks, manages to combine several of Ellis’s worst tics into one terrible, poorly paced, and clunky story.

-I played some more Persona 4. I’m back burnering it for a couple months, though, since I think I’m close to the end.

Boardwalk Empire is good!

-Newsarama’s poll probably should’ve been better thought out.

-Paul Cornell and Gail Simone have both done some pretty net-pleasing things lately. Using “mansplaining” like that’s a word people should say out loud, getting revenge for Ryan Choi. Ehhh. I’m not down with all the pandering. Just do good stories, that’ll please us plenty. Those of us that aren’t insane, anyway. Cheap pop is just that, so don’t be that guy.

-I listened to a lot of Dungeon Family apparently.

-New music and books are on pause while I work this Digital December thing, not counting new Rock Band songs for extracurricular activities. Plus, next week, Amazon should have some crazy music deals for me to indulge in, so I don’t need to be buying new stuff anyway.

-With that said, I bought the new Ghostface for five bucks and reread Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit and Graham’s King City (three or four times on that last one, actually).

-Marty’s review of Gil Scott-Heron’s new album is great.

-Spurgeon has interviewed Matt Seneca and Joe Casey. These are always worth a read.

-Dirk Deppey has been laid off from TCJ, and he was kind enough to mention us in his outgoing post. I really do appreciate that, because when I was first getting into blogging, it was Dirk and Tom and Graeme and Heidi who I learned the most from. Curious to see what he does after taking a couple weeks off.

-These burgers ain’t gonna grill themselves, so let me see what I can do to wrap this up real quick…

-[Generic dismissive thought about Marvel’s upcoming Fear Itself event]

-[Clarification that I love Stuart Immonen and that I hope it makes him eleventy million bucks]

-[But on the real, you’re sick if you think I’m buying a seven part event at four bones a pop]


And then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah
David: Batman, Inc. 2, Hellblazer 274
Esther: Batman/Superman #79, Batman Incorporated #2 Possible: Batman Annual #28, Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special
Gavin: Azrael 15, Batman Incorporated 2, Green Lantern Corps 55, Green Lantern Larfleeze Christmas Special 1, Justice League Generation Lost 16, Chaos War Dead Avengers 2, Deadpool 30, Deadpool Pulp 4, Incredible Hulks 619, Namor First Mutant 5, Punisher In Blood 2, Secret Avengers 8, What If Dark Reign, Incorruptible 13

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8 comments to “The Cipher 12/22/10”

  1. Batman Inc and Fantastic Four for my floppies, and I finally got the 3 Hellboy Library Editions out of layaway. Now I just need the time to read through them all…

  2. I doubt that I’m picking books up this week – I’ll catch up after the holiday. I did pick up a suitcase full of manga and GN’s this week at the local big box, though. Looking forward to a Vagabond Christmas. All I likely would’ve picked up would’ve been Batman Inc. anyway.

    David! Inquiring minds want to know: which two girls found out you were a cad? Was it the unavoidable bit with Ai, or two of the others?

    What happened with P3P?

  3. “-Boardwalk Empire is good!”
    It truly is, at first I just checked out the pilot for Martin Scorsese, but damn if I’m not starting to get enthralled.

    ahahahha I remember when that happened to me :rolleyes:

  4. The Boardwalk pilot was shown on South African TV last night. Didn’t blow me away but it was interesting. The guy who plays Al Capone is actually British. I couldn’t believe it was him at first. He was in an awesome soccer movie called The Damned United, sporting hilarious 70’s hair.

  5. @Patchworkearth: I’m still playing it. I do about an hour a night before going to sleep.

    And Yukari, my first girlfriend, caught me going out with Ai Ebihara, who never, ever calls and is like S. Link Rank 3. She wasn’t even a threat yet!

  6. @david brothers:

    Yukiko, you mean?

    Ai always gets you in trouble with SOMEONE. It’s part of her S-Link. With me, it was Rise, which made sense in the long run anyway, as she’s who I chose.

    You can get caught in other ways, but if you’re going to move Ai along, that one’s unavoidable. And hilarious.

  7. @Patchworkearth: Yeah, sorry, Yukiko. It’s surprisingly tough to keep it all straight while being sick/playing two Personas at once, which is another reason why I’ve backburnered P4. I keep making that same mistake.

  8. Can we install Rothstein as the new head of DC comics?