The Cipher 11/10/10

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and yeah, ain’t nobody as true as us
-Comic books? Did you know that they let people other than Grant Morrison write Damian Wayne? Whose bright idea was that?

-What have we learned?

-Kanye’s record leaked a week ahead of schedule. As expected, it’s good. I’m not sure how good just yet–I’ve only listened a few times–but good enough that I listened to it a few times in a row.

-It opens with Nicki Minaj, which is whatever, but the production and rhymes are solid.

-He does a lot of really interesting stuff musically this time around. He’s much more willing to let tracks breathe, or go on long past their running time, which is something I enjoy. There’s a breakdown on “Devil In A New Dress” before Rick Ross’s verse that’s tremendous, the 9 minute version of “Runaway” is heat, and there’s one track in particular that feels kind of like 808s & Heartbreak in miniature. I can’t wait for the official release, as long as I can get the cover art with the dude with the sword in his head and not that ugly painting.

-It’s been a good year for music, hasn’t it?

you ain’t gotta like me
created: I’ve got something big cooking that will hopefully land with both feet right in the small of someone’s back, but in the meantime, I put some words on comic book covers (protip: they’re there for a reason) and Thor comics (protip: don’t read all of them, or even most of them). Soon, though, I think I’ll have something you’ll love/hate.

consumed: I watched George Clooney in The American the other night. It was pretty good. It was kind of the anti-Bourne, and not really how the trailers made it out to be. It was a very quiet movie, though it opens on an effective bit of violence, which had the effect of making almost every scene very tense. You’re waiting for the explosion. It’s like Unforgiven, but instead of fighting against type like Eastwood did then, Clooney is stuck in a movie you expect to go one way but insists on going another. It indulges in cliché a few times, but it doesn’t really hurt the movie. I liked it, I’ll probably watch it again.

I’m in the middle of a reread of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman & Robin. I picked up Batman Reborn and Batman vs. Robin the other day in prep for an upcoming post. It’s wildly uneven, with Philip Tan not even doing the bare minimum in terms of storytelling or quality being the nadir and Cameron Stewart’s arc being the height. I’m massively frustrated by Morrison lately, and by the fact that what should have been a good story has been marred by crap art. I’m gonna try to work that out on the page, though, so stay tuned.

i like me enough for the two of us
David: Amazing Spider-Man 648
Esther: Batgirl 15, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne 6, Birds of Prey 6, Knight & Squire 2, maybe Red Robin 17
Gavin: Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne 6, Booster Gold 38, Justice League Generation Lost 13, Knight & Squire 2, Welcome To Tranquility One Foot Grave 5, Avengers Prime 4, Chaos War Thor 1, Incredible Hulks 616, New Avengers 6, Ultimate Comics Thor 2

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7 comments to “The Cipher 11/10/10”

  1. daaaaawww that kitty

    I know I’m gonna get heat for saying this, but I kind of dig how some of the other writers are using Damian, the Abuse arc of Streets was probably my favorite Dini comic of the past couple years because of it. Plus I got a big laugh out of all of his appearances in Batgirl.

    in terms of this week for me, first 5 or so things in Gavin’s list plus Ult. Thor

  2. I picked up the Darkwing Duck trade and it is 100% fantastic.

  3. I’m totally underwhelmed by the new Kanye, but that probably has to do with the fact that I had already heard every song but Blame Game through either GOOD Fridays, singles, or leaks.

    Christian Dior Denim Flow is the best song to come out of this whole thing and I’m disappointed it didn’t make the record. I’m ready to hear the iTunes bonus tracks already.

    New Spidey was impressive. ROBW#6 was too cool. The new Wiz/Curren$y song is… better on re-listens, but I fucking hated it at first. Pilot Talk 2 is getting close though, so that’s cool.

  4. @Adam Kirby: Oh, I quit Kanye’s leaks a while ago. I only listened to GOOD Fridays, so a good 2/3 of the record was fresh to me. Runaway being nine minutes was one of those things that was a huge and pleasant surprise. But yeah, CDDF is hardcore and should at least be a bonus.

  5. Chew 15 was my pick up the week. I need to re-read this story arc though (and possibly the entire series, but that’s not a bad thing).

  6. @david brothers: I planned on ignoring the leaks, but I saw a version of All of the Lights with Drake on the hook and just… had to. I wish part of that had made it on to the final, even though it sounds like a few people that are supposed to be on it are missing.

    Isn’t most of the record in the Runaway shortfilm anyway? I know Dark Fantasy is, but I never watched passed that since I’m waiting to get really high first because I’m a nerd.

  7. Oh god the ending to Thanos Imperative :negativeman: