The Return of Bruce Wayne

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Fellow fourth letterers, I have been . . .


Oh, it’s nice when a book doesn’t let you down.  A friend of mine at the comic book store said that it was surprising that Grant Morrison actually made The Return of Bruce Wayne make sense.

I don’t know that he did, and honestly, I don’t give a crap either way.  I would like to say that ‘sense’ is not what I read comic books for, but that’s not true.  I like a well-constructed story more than continuity, art, and in many cases, even characterization.

It’s just that I really don’t care what the story was.  There was Bruce Wayne wearing a giant bat.  There was a small, hopeful neolithic Robin.  There was both of them jumping over a cliff during a solar eclipse.  Any kind of story would just intrude on this.  In fact, the one page of Superman, Booster Gold and Green Lantern looking for Batman did intrude.  This felt pretty much like the original comics, when someone drew a visual story that looked cool and then people made up the words later.  Melody first, and then the lyrics.  It?  Was fantastic.

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5 comments to “The Return of Bruce Wayne”

  1. I mentioned your great enthusiasm to someone, yesterday, telling them that My interest was largely influenced by your excitement. I’m glad that it lived up to your hopes.

    I skimmed it and didn’t think it was ultimately for me, but we will see. Maybe I will revisit the title later, when something else about it makes your day.

  2. @West3man: Thank you!

    Look Ma, I’m a tastemaker!

  3. I agree — the comic itself was great without explaining its context in the larger story. I jumped in without having read Final Crisis or Batman and Robin and I quite enjoyed simply watching this particular sequence of events unfold. I was having a hard time articulating why I felt so impatient with the appearance of the heroes at the end, but I think you nailed it.

  4. I liked how Batman and Robin concept transcends time.

    Also neat that Jurgens’ miniseries actually seems like it’ll have a point. Wasn’t sure if the Time Masters would show up at all or if that was just Jurgens saying they were

  5. @Lauren Davis: I guess it also represents a flip in the point of view of the story, from the cavemen to the heroes. That’s a little jarring, too.