The Cipher 10/06/10

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they believed in machine guns.
New York Comic Con is this weekend. Gavin and I will be there. Short cipher, then.

-Charlie Huston has a new novel coming out in 2012 from Mulholland Books. Skinner is going to be about poverty, seems like. Here’s a pretty good introduction to the headspace he’s working in.

Speaking of putting a bullet in the head of irony, 1 in 5 U.S. resident children are currently living below that line.

You can’t, as the comedians are wont to say, make this shit up.

Facts, in these situation, kick the shit out of fiction every fucking time.

The present moment is born of the past. The future moment is born also of the past, and the now.

1 in 5 children born from the past into present poverty. How the fuck did that happen?

If you want to get into his work, The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death: A Novel is a pretty good starting point. Brutally funny, brutal pacing (in The Shotgun Rule especially), brutal violence… this guy is the one novelist whose books I buy on release and tear through in two or three sittings, max.

-Continuing the trend of the extended FBB4l! family being the best people to read when it comes to writing about comics, Tucker Stone has a positively fantastic interview with Darwyn Cooke up at Comics Alliance. Parker: The Outfit drops today, and it’s basically already book of the week.

-More Richard Stark: The Hunter, The Man with the Getaway Face, and The Outfit are on Kindle now.

David Grofield: Unknown Soldier 24, Parker: The Outfit
Esther Parker:
Handy Gavin: Incorruptible 10, Metalocalypse Dethklok 1, Secret Six 26, Avengers Academy 5, Chaos War 1, Deadpool Pulp 2, DeadpoolMAX 1, Hawkeye & Mockingbird 5, S.H.I.E.L.D. 4, Taskmaster 2, Ultimate Comics Thor 1, Young Allies 5

I was gonna buy Ultimate Thor off ComiXology, but if you think I’m paying four bucks for a regular old comic book, you’re insane.

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3 comments to “The Cipher 10/06/10”

  1. TMAOEASOD was an awesome book. As was Sleepless which was very much in the new style of cyberpunk. I’m a bit more lukewarm on some of Huston’s earlier stuff. Love Caught Stealing but have no interest in the sequels. And I do enjoy his Joe Pitt Vampire books, but not enough to pick up my own copies…

    Sadly I didn’t have the cash to splurge on adding the new Cooke/Stark adaptation. But I did have enough to check out the new Marvel Puerto Rico book, because, hey its MODOK…

  2. I had a tiny week as well. SHIELD with it’s crazy historical ideas is worth it, whatever it is, for $3. Not to mention, Weaver and Strain are both great artists.
    Also grabbed the CBLDF Annual because there isn’t a reason not to. Decent, Ba/Moon and Simone in particular had good stories. A good set of pin-ups as well.

  3. I picked up Avengers Academy #5 and Chaos War #1. I liked AA. It’s a good read, as always, and you can really see why Norman Osborn would be interested in these kids’ potential.

    Chaos War was fun and everything, but I guess I was expecting something like Infinity Gauntlet. I don’ want to spoil anything but every hero gets taken out at the end of the issue! What was the point then?