The Commish

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So Commissioner Gordon is getting a back-up in Detective Comics.  I think the art, by Francesco Francovilla, looks great.  And I’m excited to see the finished book.

One minor quibble with the picture, I really doubt that Gordon would have anything that reminds him of the Joker on the wall of his bedroom.  We’re talking about the guy who tortured his daughter and killed his wife.

Commissioner Gordon is one of the characters I’ve always wanted to see more of.  The trouble is, I don’t really know what that ‘more’ should consist of.  Jim’s position involves management of a lot of intersecting cases, but at the same time he shouldn’t get involved in any of them.  And it would be hard for his character to do stuff that didn’t involve getting sucked into some past traumatic memory.  I think this would have been cooler if he were still a retiree and went around solving cases like Matlock.

Still, this is something that I think will really set Detective Comics apart from the . . . eleventy hundred (?) other Batman books out there.  (Not that I’m opposed to that.  I’m a Batperson.  If anything there should be more books.)  Any ideas for what kind of stories would work for Jim?

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6 comments to “The Commish”

  1. Oh, this isn’t about the 90s Michael Chiklis series. How disappointing… :frown:

  2. Gotham Central, but with more societal functions where the Commissioner hob-nobs with Bruce Wayne, the Kanes, the Mayor, and various socialites.

  3. Oh god I’d love Gotham Central to come back in some form. Even if it’s Gordon just talking to those people for a few panels, it would be great.

  4. @Dane: I liked Gotham Central, but I remember in a couple storylines they brought in Batman to resolve things, which to me seemed like it defeated the purpose.

  5. @Esther

    RE: Batman as Gotham Central plot-resolver, they did use his appearances to explore how the GCPD cops felt about having Batman ‘save the day’ when they knew it should be up to them to save it instead. Also, that time when Batman was able to save the news reporter but not one of the cops was also used for dramatic effect. His appearances were mostly used to explore how the prescence of a figure like Batman would affect the people officially tasked with enforcing the law.

  6. I’d like to read a Jim Gordon story that centers around his early days as a homicide detective but set on the present day; it could be about an unsolved murder case or something with which he has close personal ties to. It could have some connections to the current bat-mythos, but I’d honestly prefer it didnt, I’d like a story about Jim not dependent on Batman or any element of the batbooks for once. Just my opinion