If Anyone Was Dying to Know My Opinion of Birds of Prey #1

May 13th, 2010 by |

Go ahead and look at the post on Comics Alliance.

And please do let me know who the villain at the end is.

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10 comments to “If Anyone Was Dying to Know My Opinion of Birds of Prey #1”

  1. The villain is you, Esther.

    It was you all along.

  2. @david brothers:

  3. @david brothers: Everything I ever knew is a lie

  4. Eh, they’ve already done it with Herald – you were probably next on the list. At least yours looks pretty cool.

  5. Oops, question’s answered for you.


    It IS a Brightest Day tie-in, apparently we need as many “White” equivalents as we can get…

  6. We’re definitely supposed to think it’s Shiva — the nickname “sui jerk jai” was given to Dinah from an old sensei that she and Shiva shared, and Shiva overheard him call Dinah that, and began using it during their shared adventure (second TP of the Simone run). No one else has ever been shown to know the nickname (though Cheshire might’ve heard it, in that storyline).

    BTW, notice the new explainer on the titles page, “When citizens are in trouble, they call the heroes. When the heroes are in trouble, they call the Birds of Prey.” New mission statement for the series? Story opens with a normal rescue-of-citizens, but ends with a danger to their fellow heroes. After this storyline, will “heroing the heroes” be the ongoing purpose of the book?

  7. Asian, calls herself White Canary, fights like Shiva…

    Maybe it’s a future version of Sin that traveled back in time.

  8. Oh lord, that is such a demented idea it’s probably true.

  9. …but was it any good? You seemed a bit ambivalent.

  10. @LaterComments: It hasn’t gelled yet, and it needs to. But I want to see what happens when the regular Birds, Hawk and Dove meet up.