The CHIKARA Video Game! …oh, and King of Trios 2010

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Last night I got back from yet another three days of awesome CHIKARA King of Trios action. For those out of the loop, CHIKARA is an amazing and super-fun indy wrestling federation that I follow the way hippies follow Phish. Every year, they do a tournament of sixteen teams of three, stretched over three shows in a weekend. Like every year, I had a complete blast.

I got to see a 6’8″ masked viking crush a midget dragon. I got to see the legendary Curry Man team up with CHIKARA team Los Ice Creams. I went to the fan conclave, where I got to defeat a guy dressed as a Ninja Turtle in Connect Four, sing “New York, New York” on karaoke with a turn-of-the-century baseball player (worth noting: Soldier Ant covering his ears in agony), and have a prom photo taken with wrestlers Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen and Jigsaw as I’m instructed to cradle a half-finished jug of orange juice in my arms like a baby and look at it “like a proud father”. On the last night of the show, Tommy Dreamer made a surprise appearance to put over the company and challenge Eddie Kingston to a match for next month.

But one of the biggest thrills I got came from the end of intermission. You see, these days, CHIKARA is being dominated by a stable of wrestlers called Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (“Brotherhood of the Cross”, BDK for short), made up of those who are angry at the company for one reason or another… as well as a giant viking guy. They’re such a force to be reckoned with that it seems like the tecnicos (good guys) and rudos (bad guys) will have to eventually join forces. Yet before intermission could end, the lights went out and this appeared on the big screens.

If you’re wondering, the wrestlers in the foreground are Worker Ant, Private Eye, Sumie Sakai, USApe, Mr. Zero, Blind Rage, Lance Steel, and Jervis Cottonbelly. I’m so down for this.

Nothing much is up so far on the CHIKARA: Rudo Resurrection website, but hopefully not for too long.

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4 comments to “The CHIKARA Video Game! …oh, and King of Trios 2010”

  1. That looks.. fun.

  2. I suppose it’d be too much to hope for that Aki is making this game, wouldn’t it?

  3. I have a feeling I should have been trying to follow Chikara since I first saw you mention it, but I could never figure out how to start, since it’s not like they’re on tv and I can’t just go see a show.

    I might have to try now though, since I’m currently hyped up on old WWF stuff. There’s gotta be like Youtube clips and stuff, right?

  4. Yeah, they do a weekly podcast. Usually it’s a little hype for their upcoming shows, two clips from matches that occurred months ago and maybe a hype promo.

    My suggestion would be to pick up one or two of the yearly “Best of” DVDs. I picked up Best of 2009 (with an Infinity Gaunlet homage cover) for $20 over the weekend.

    And you can find a ton of clips on YouTube. Lots of the comedy stuff or music videos. Pretty much anything that involves “Chuck Taylor grenade” is a good place to start.