Joe the Barbarian: Matter is Fact, so Spirit Must Be Fiction

January 22nd, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

I did a thing on Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy’s Joe the Barbarian at Comics Alliance.

It’s a brief over on storytelling in Grant Morrison books. An excerpt:

Reality and fiction feed off of each other in many of Morrison’s works, existing in a state where one is entirely dependent upon the other. Sometimes, they two realities are one and the same. Sometimes, the lines between the two of them are just a little blurred. “Joe the Barbarian” falls firmly into that latter group. Joe himself says that he is a stereotype, just like the bullies who torture him at his father’s gravesite. On at least some level, he’s aware of the fact that everything is a story.

If you didn’t buy Joe the Barbarian this week… you made a mistake. It was only a dollar. Go back to your comic shop and pick it up.

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2 comments to “Joe the Barbarian: Matter is Fact, so Spirit Must Be Fiction”

  1. as I said over there, good article/review.

    Not only does it seem like another great Morrison story, but the art was just perfect for this kind of story.

    and the kind in me just gushed at seeing Snake Eyes, batman, Optimus Prime and Picard all stand next to each other

  2. *kid