“I Love You, Peter”

September 17th, 2009 by | Tags: , , , ,

From Peter Parker Spider-Man Vol. 1: A Day in the Life, which is sadly out of print but available for cheap used, I present the Death of the Chameleon. Words by Paul Jenkins, art by Sean Phillips.

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16 comments to ““I Love You, Peter””

  1. Much better then the shit that is in BND with Chameleon, which doesnt reference any of the great pre BND day spider-man stories and any of the resulting character development.

  2. @Toby S: The BND story with Chameleon was good, and what character development were they supposed to reference?

  3. Other than using the same story as the Comedian that is some tragic shit right there.

  4. @david brothers: Personally I don’t think stories that play rape for laughs can be considered “good”.

  5. @Martin: Considering that there was no rape in the story, your criticism doesn’t work. I know Kirk Boxleitner got noscans/scans_daily all excited over the story, but he has and always will be the Glenn Beck of comics blogging.

  6. Now I’m picturing Kirk Boxleitner as Atrocitus and all the noscans/scans_daily members as his Red Lantern Corps fueled by their fan rage.

  7. Boxleitner’s not Atrocitus. He’s the inmate muttering “Bugs bugs bugs” in Miller’s DKR, seeing as Boxleitner is (A) crazy, (B) seeing things which aren’t there, and (C) clearly thinking he’s scored a major victory against Marvel/actual creators in favor of fanficcers like himself when this battle is only occurring inside his head. And the rest of the no/scans_daily community is the white room–good place for an echo.

    ‘Course, considering Kirk Boxleitner’s porn collection on his livejournal, he’s probably raging because the BND story wasn’t more explicit.

  8. I thought the BND story was generally badly-written anyway – especially as Michelle is basically just a walking, talking parody of feminism in comics. I’m still pretty disgusted that after lazily just saying “Chameleon did it” without a shred of proof and seemingly breaking Michelle’s heart, he lies on the floor of the apartment she is paying for and thinks “She’s Pretty Hot”.

    Can someone point me out to the exact moment when Spider-Man writers were told to take character development cues from Tim Buckley?

  9. man, that parker sure does whine, someone commits suicide and his dialog is ‘woe is petey’

  10. The van Lente story was good and Kirk Boxleitner is probably the worst demagogue of the entire scans_daily. He is dictator material.

  11. Grimaldi/Pagliachi: I’m really surprised Jenkins lifted something from an Alan Moore story. He’ll never make a career of that.
    “I love you.” like Madman in that issue of Hulk that guest-starred Motormouth and Killpower: I’m really surprised Jenkins lifted something from a Peter David story. He’ll never make a career of that.

    And so on for pretty much everything Jenkins has done for the last decade, but personally, I’ve never been able to take him seriously as a writer ever since he juxtaposed the real-life experiences of WW1 soldiers with stories about caped queens punching each other in the head for every issue of Civil War: Front Line, culminating in a metatextual short where he dragged deceased members of his own family into things.
    I’m pretty hard to offend, but I didn’t think that was cool at all, and I’m not above admitting that it’s colored my view of pretty much everything he’s done.

  12. I actually like returning Chameleon back to his espionage roots. I mean that’s what he was created for and the most logical use for his powers, plus the whole “argh must get revenge of Spider-Man” thing never worked well for him.

  13. Kirk Boxleitner’s tangent on Chameleon being a rapist and van Lente promoting misogyny and rape was honestly the stupidest thing I’ve read all week. Why people continue to listen to a guy who pays people money to draw pictures of Spider-man with a micro-penis being cuckolded by Mary Jane and posts his masturbation habits is actively LISTENED to is beyond my understanding.

  14. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say that I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who thinks Boxleitner is a sensationalist jerkass. As always, this blog is an island of reason in a sea of yellow journalism (blogging?). Thank you for your time and your presence sir.

  15. Man, what is it with Spider-Man villains and suicide? Chameleon – suicide. Kraven – suicide. Mysterio – suicide. The Tarantula – suicide. Venom – attempted suicide. Electro – attempted suicide (I think). Demogoblin – suicide (kinda).

    Kraven must have made it seem too glamorous, I guess.

  16. “‘Course, considering Kirk Boxleitner’s porn collection on his livejournal, he’s probably raging because the BND story wasn’t more explicit.”

    Is this boxinbox on SD? Yeah, I called him on that and I received an official warning because he was a rape counsellor or something. I don’t know. I didn’t see what he saw so I was WRONG just WRONG and my INABILITY to UNDERSTAND why she was RAPED WAS wrong and CAPS RAGE is FuN!!!

    This scene was just fantastic, however.