Loooooooooove is a Many-Splendored Thing!

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Well, it’s finally happened.  I’ve finally bought Booster Gold.

Sure, many of my friends told me that it was well-written, fun, heartfelt, not too burdened with mega-continuity, and featured a lot of creative adventures.  It was, in short, exactly the book I said I wanted to be reading.  Except I wasn’t reading it.  Because this is something that you should know about me.

I hate and fear change.

Yes, you can take that into account any time I make another grumpy-old-lady ‘what are comics these days coming to,’ entry.

I got into Batman because I saw it as a child, and then my reading habits slowly expanded, usually whenever Batman teamed up with another character.  Picture me as one of those neolithic hunter-gatherer groups, the ones that tended to move whenever the sea level dropped and new land was exposed.  I’m slowly traveling through the comics world, moving whenever a book’s profits drop, exposing some previously undiscovered link with Batman that causes a team-up.  I wandered over the isthumus of Batman to the new Blue Beetle series, and when it was cancelled and became a back-up for Booster Gold, (and this issue of Booster has a Batman appearance that I am sure is no coincidence), I followed it to this series.

Which involves time-travel, saving Batman from never existing, showboating, a smart-mouth sidekick, and an idiot savant with a mentor called ‘Rip Hunter.’  Ah, yes.  This is a comic.

And this is the best time to be a comic fan.  The honeymoon period.  When you don’t worry about artists, writers, or continuity.  You have a character you love, a story you’re interested in, and a nice little stock of back-issues to wade around in.  Life is good.

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4 comments to “Loooooooooove is a Many-Splendored Thing!”

  1. I’m going to make you read a Spider-Man/Batman crossover. After that, your good standing as a DC fan is over.

  2. Esther, you’ve read 52, right? Because if not, you might as well toss that into the list of back issues to check out to go with the series.

    Booster’s whole series is worth reading, but be wary of weird numbering. There’s a #0 and a #1,000,000 tossed in there.

    Also, since I’m sure you haven’t read his original series from the 80’s, here’s the main thing you need to know: at one point Booster had to return to the future. When he went back to the present, he brought his sister with him. His sister took the identity Goldstar (which was created prior with intent of marketing a sidekick for Booster) and died only a couple issues later.

  3. Booster Gold is the one comic Geoff Johns should never have left. Dancing around continuity issues is something he is perfect for.

    That said, it’s still a pretty enjoyable read without him.

  4. I’m like that with Incredible Herc at the moment. It’s great fun.