Darkseid Minus New Gods

June 17th, 2009 by | Tags: , , , ,

This is… This… I don’t know. It just is and I made it.

With apologies to Jack Kirby and Dan Walsh.

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41 comments to “Darkseid Minus New Gods”

  1. That’s fantastic. Darkseid declaring that he’s not a wedding is just comedy gold.

  2. These are amazing. I can’t stop laughing πŸ™‚ “No, grandpa”, “What *is* that thing?” and “don’t call me father” are my favourites of the bunch.

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  4. Very, very well-done.

  5. I didn’t realize they were all separate in the post on SA as that made it even weirder.

  6. brilliant idea! -applauds- πŸ™‚

  7. this truly and honestly made my Wednesday.

  8. This is fantastic!

  9. That last sequence from the end of Miracle Man is surreal and weird enough in the comics as it is, but jesus, it’s so much moreso here. Love it.

  10. BRILLIANT. Made my day.

  11. That’s fantastic! Made my work day- Thanks!

  12. Huh? Somebody is way too self-absorbed. Darkseid the solipsist?

  13. 0_o

    Nice job as usual

  14. Thanks for justifying the fact that you’ve been my favorite writer for a long time, Gav.

  15. Amazing.

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  17. Oh, man, this is hilarious!

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  19. More, please. More more more more more. πŸ˜€

  20. Wonderful stuff, keep it up!

  21. I think Ken St. Andre hit on something.

    Darkseid is…Henry Rollins.

    any takers?no?

    too much, Gavok.

  22. This is so full of WIN.

  23. These are fantastic!

  24. AMAZING. More, please!

  25. This new god must be crazy.

  26. All this and more from Darkseid’s one-man off broadway show, “I, the Iconoclast!” πŸ˜€

  27. For your reference, this is the intact “I am the storm” / “But not a wedding” sequence from Mister Miracle #18–the wedding referred to is Mr. Miracle’s to Big Barda, which took place in that issue:


  28. Thanks for the much-needed laughs.

    Consider this now: “Fantastic Four Minus Three (Featuring Reed Richards).”

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  30. Where’s the second one from? I have all the Kirby collections and don’t recognize it at all.

  31. Perfect.

  32. @D.C.: sad, cause that page would be the very last of the original 4th World stories.

  33. This reminds me of reading Hunter S. Thompson.
    It reminds me of the story of when the Far Side Captions got mixed up with the Family Circus images and created comedy gold.

  34. @Kid Kyoto: It’s from Forever People #8.

  35. The first one you did (the last one here) is still the best one you did. It’s completely nonsensical and insane. It’s so surreal it can’t be anything but hilarious.

  36. >Darkseid is…Henry Rollins.
    Hey, now that you mention it, I have NOT seen them in the same room together, ever. Hm.

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  38. No need to apologise to me, I’m kinda impressed πŸ˜‰

  39. Ummmm… wow.

    Darkseid as crazy old guy, pretty much. “Get off mah lawn, yuh dang parademons!”

    “Now I had a food-cube tied to my belt, ‘casue thar was the style at the time!”

  40. too bad Darkseid’s short lived career as a beat poet never took off, he might’ve given up the whole enslaving the Universe thing.
    “Ho Granpa I’m the real thing. Check this s#it out!”
    Brilliant. I need more.

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