Green Lantern: The Masquerade

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All right, I was the very last person in the world to read Blackest Night, but as I was going through the explanation of all the different Lantern Guilds at the end of the book I stumbled across this:

The blue ring charges a green ring and de-charges a yellow.

Is it just me, or does anyone else hear a pair of dice rolling when they read a phrase like that?

I think that the various Lantern Guilds at war with each other would make fantastic role-playing games.

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3 comments to “Green Lantern: The Masquerade”

  1. I had a similar thought! It actually reminds me of so many White Wolf games, where there are a dozen or so clans or schools or whatnots, each separated along philosophical lines.

  2. Hell yeah, that would be awesome. It’s kind of funny that you post this, but I’ve always thought that the original World of Darkness would have made a great comic book universe.

  3. I was -> <- close to using the GL emotional spectrum to replace the alignments in D&D for a campaign I’ve just started before I realised that I’m allergic to work. ^_^ It was gonna be great- depending on the actions of the PCs the avatars of the different colours (like Parallax, Ion and stuff- never got too far into the planning for this) would be stronger or weaker at the climax of the campaign… just nerd stuff like that.