Son of the Return of the Wrath of Comic Con

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Now that I’m fully rested after having to endure that exhaustive weekend of New York Comic Con, now would probably be a good time to do a detailed write-up about the event. Well, that’s not going to happen.

Truth is, there isn’t too much to write about. It was your usual fare, only with tons more people than the last couple years, meaning that it was harder to walk around and even harder to get into a couple panels. One panel about self-publishing I couldn’t get into because it seemed to have been held in a room the size of an elevator and was already filled to the brim. And the DC/Marvel panels? Forget about it. I went to a couple, but I had to stand in the corner due to the amount of people there.

By the way, if anyone was at the Dark Reign panel, I was the jerkwad asking about D-Man. Yeah, that’s right. D-Man! Represent!

I got some books signed here and there. Jason Aaron, despite looking like a guy who would tear your throat out with the slightest provocation, is a really swell guy and really gracious. Van Lente, Gage, Parker, Pak and Calero were also pretty cool to talk to. My true failure of the weekend is my inability to find Larry Hama in time. I had hoped to have him sign the “Venom vs. Carnage inside the internet” issue of Carnage Unleashed and the “Rad Eddie” issue of Venom: The Hunted, but by the time I figured out where he was going to be, I was a half hour too late. Oh well. He probably would have haymakered me for it anyway.

One of the cooler moments is finding former Booster Gold co-writer Jeff Katz and Booster Gold creator/artist/writer/caterer Dan Jurgens at the DC booth. I asked Jurgens about whether or not Booster’s old secretary Trixie is Rip Hunter’s mother, which he said no, but a good guess. I began explaining my harebrained “Ted Kord is the next Batman” theory to Mr. Katz and he surprised me with the revelation that he himself has read that very article. Hell yeah! High five!

Unfortunately, he tore down any hope of Kord being the Dark Knight. Awww.

Unlike last year, I barely got to meet up with the Funnybook Babylon folks. Hell, I only met up with hermanos for about an hour and a half total. Consider it my solo adventure.

Here are some pictures from my adventures over that weekend:

That Watchmen thing behind me was sketched over the course of the event with chalk. That’s almost as impressive as that beautiful piece of manmeat kneeling in front of it. Why am I smiling? Because I’m not standing for once.

There’s my buddy Colin, standing in front of his hero.

There’s a Faker statue welcoming everyone to the show. Faker. Wow. Comic Con! Brought to you by the worst action figure ever!

Ah! Zombie Spider-Man!

Ah, the Super Buddies.

This guy ruled. The costume was a borderline Hulk mech with stilts and all.

After he broke my pinky, I told Rorschach that the secret to getting to Carnegie Hall is “practice”.

“Bad Ryu! Bad! Look what you did! Bad! You know what you did! Look at him! He knows.”

I printed out two copies of this. One for Greg Pak to sign and one for him to have. He really seemed to dig it and watching him show Fred Van Lente was a great moment.

That’s all the swag that I bought during the show. Yeah. You’d be surprised on how much you spend when you find bins of $5 trades and “buy one get two free” deals. Con Sundays are a beautiful thing.

Actually, that’s not totally accurate. There’s another book that I bought, but I won’t spoil it yet. Two years ago, I discovered the WCW comic. A year ago I found a Honeymooners comic book featuring Captain Lou Albano. This year I found something just as messed up in a $5 bin of out of print trades. Of course, I just had to buy it for the sake of review.

When I paid for it, one man at the booth pointed it out to a coworker. The coworker walked over to me and shook my hand. You see, that first guy made a bet with two others. He bet that he could sell this comic over the weekend. The other two refused that anyone would be depraved enough to waste any money on it. How wrong they were. Now those two guys each owe my salesman a burger. I feel proud.

Later on, I took a picture of the book with my phone and texted it to hermanos. I expected him to be shocked and horrified. Instead, he responded with a message that he and Chris Eckert found the comic earlier and almost bought it for me. His reaction was more of a sad shake of the head and a muttering of, “Figures…”

I had a good time as always. Then I went home and slept for 12 hours. You saw all that shit I was carrying around. I think I dropped five pounds from this weekend alone.

By the way, there was no “Prize or No-Prize” panel this year. God damn it, Tom Brevoort! Get your act together!

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7 comments to “Son of the Return of the Wrath of Comic Con”

  1. sucks you couldn’t speak to Hama about Venom.

  2. $5 TPBs and Buy 1 get 2 free bins?!?

    Crap, that sure beats our deals over here.

    I am so jealous of you getting to have something signed by Greg Pak. I tried to find Carlo Pagulayan and getting him to sign my Planet Hulk TPB over here in local conventions, but I keep missing him. If Greg Pak ever makes it here, I’d be first in line.

  3. I know exactly what comic book you bought. Why? Because I bought one of the other copies. Then one of the salesmen shook his head and went “Great, now I owe my boss a hamburger.” My friends couldn’t understand why I got it, but it’s good to see that someone out there in this universe does.

  4. PeterV, you have a good head on your shoulders. Speaking of heads and shoulders, I think we’re obligated to grow mullets.

  5. Ha! I think I have this year’s Halloween costume. Mullet and knight armor.

  6. Darkman vs. AoD? How is that?

  7. Love the Delirious shirt. I’m gonna have to top you next year with my bright green ROH one though.