Bust it, baby!

February 7th, 2009 by | Tags: , , ,


Flip it horizontally, and what do you have…?

Tatt’ed Man is so hoooooooooood!

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3 comments to “Bust it, baby!”

  1. lol, good catch man. But what were you doing picking up a magazine with Plies on the cover?

  2. Ha, I found it on Google Image Search. I don’t think I could buy a mag with Plies on the cover if I tried.

  3. Is this from the one where he turns evil again right after having a life-changing, world-saving experience that convinces him that he might try helping people out instead?

    That’s just from descriptions I’ve read, but it’s sad if true. Morrison stated that one of his goals in FC was to produce some more usable non-white characters for DC and see if people couldn’t give it a go again after dissing 7S.