DC Comics Lost

January 29th, 2009 by | Tags: , , , , , ,

Black Adam & Isis: Arab

Mister Miracle: Black

Ra’s al Ghul: Arab

Talia al Ghul: European, Chinese, and Arab (apparently)

Renee Montoya: Dominican

Me: Looking back on the past month or so of DC’s comics

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17 comments to “DC Comics Lost”

  1. You know Dominicans aren’t all Sammy Sosa and Pedro Martinez colored right? We come in a lot of colors, from honkey pink to midnight dark.

    Also Ra’s got resurrected as an albino.

  2. That’s still no excuse for Black Adam looking like Rock Hudson.

  3. You think that’s bad? Look at how they drew david brothers in the latest installment of 4th Letter!

  4. Heyyyy wait a second, isn’t Black Adam Egyptian and not Arab?

  5. IIRC, Black Adam used to hang in Egypt with Hawkman and them, but was actually from (and ruled) Kandhaq.

  6. According to wikipedia (and they have pictures) he was originally an ancient egyptian, complete with loincloth and silly hat.

  7. Clearly there’s room for discussion on some of these…but what they did to Shilo Norman is not excusable.

  8. Egyptians (like Jesus) are actually darker than you assume they should be. See Doug Manhke’s Black Adam for better depictions of what he should probably look like – http://comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Page=1&Order=Date&Piece=443642&GSub=60737&GCat=0&UCat=0.

  9. Wait a minute, so New Question = Lara Croft – face?

  10. @k2: Well that explains the incredibly supportive tank top!

  11. The Mister Miracle thing really flabbergasted me and made me wonder if they altered FC #7 after realizing the fuck-up or just regretting what they’d done, because as far as I can tell Mister Miracle is nowhere in that issue and I can’t believe that was the original plan.

  12. @Gavok: How the hell did you find my picture?

    Also, yeah, this is really, really embarassing because you’d think the company that gave us accidents like “sometimes artists just draw white guys” would start to really scrutinize for these kinds of errors… and suddenly it looks like everyone just took a vacation in the editing department.

    (What book’s Black Adam from? The rest I recognize, but I didn’t see him in anything as of late.)

  13. believe it or not what’s really wrong with Ra’s is the green eyes and he’s probably to dark. They stuck him in an albino body.

  14. The Black Adam pic’s in the recent JSA #23 Faces of Evil issue.

  15. Mister Miracle caught my eye as well. I didn’t read 7 Soldiers or where ever he first showed up in, but I could tell this guy was black in Final Crisis. The coloring just made it seem like there was this blinding light being focused on him in the room though. Same deal with the Question. I’ve seen Montoya darker in her own miniseries. It just seemed like the contrast button got moved up before some of the FC comics came out. I’d actually like to go back and re-read some of the Final Crisis comics to see how wide of a problem this was.

    I’ve always thought artists did a better job drawing Black Adam than Isis, but I just get the overall feeling artists don’t draw a lot of Arabs in comics. I didn’t notice it when I first started reading comics, but now that they’re trying to push for diversity, I think a lot of artists are re-learning anatomy, trying to go for Arab while not falling on stereotype. It’s tough when there’s next to no examples of this from the last generation of artists.

    Ra’as Al Ghul been in Arkham for awhile in an albino’s body, so who KNOWS what he’s supposed to look like. I’m betting by fall he’ll look like he normally does and everybody will do their best to ignore it.

  16. They also messed up Empress in an early Final Crisis issue or tie in, don’t remember which.

  17. *snickers at Gavok* (anyone read the name of the image file?)

    I don’t have anything at hand, but does anyone remember how Shilo was shaded earlier in Final Crisis? I guess it’s been a couple months now, but I recall not recognizing him at first when he was shot, but that might have been costume rendering too.