Joy To The World: The DC Universe Holiday Special

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Shaggyman echoes a sentiment shared by all humanity during the holiday season.

Shaggyman echoes a sentiment shared by all humanity during the holiday season.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love holiday specials.  I like happiness, screwball comedy, and short storylines, and holiday specials are the cookie tins of the comics world: they offer a variety of small treats, sprinkled with joy, and absolutely packed full of nuts.

The issue starts off with a funny send-up on the tale of Superman’s origin, and hints that there is a Kryptonian fortress at the North Pole, as well as the South Pole.  Then there’s the JLA Christmas Party, and why you should never have Batman as a door greeter or hire Hawkgirl as a personal shopper.

There’s a sweet homage to the Line Of Blue Beetles, and another way to spin the Bat fable.

The stand-out, however, is a story by Dan Didio about Aquaman’s Christmas, implying that Arthur was one of the Three Kings present at the birth of a new messiah, after he saved Mary from pirates with a mind-controlled Kraken.  I cannot count the number of ways that that is blasphemous, but, as Homer Simpson would say, ‘Mmmmmmmm.  Sacrilicious.’

Some days it’s easy to love the DCU.  Shine on, you crazy diamond. 

Happy Holidays.

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11 comments to “Joy To The World: The DC Universe Holiday Special”

  1. My personal favorite of the issue was the one about Gotham City and the strange lack of any crime whatsoever on Christmas Day. It was sweet.

    Though NOTHING in that issue can even hope to touch the infamous Santa Batman story from last year. Or was it the year before that?

    I’d also suggest checking out this year’s Punisher Christmas Special by Jason Aaron. It’s wonderful.

  2. The Santa Batman story was last year by Kelley Puckett and Pete Woods. It was the fucking *bomb*.

    Also, why is Shaggy Man so sad? He got to booty-dance with Wonder Woman a few panels before!

  3. And why isn’t the Shaggy Man Wade Eiling?!??!?!?

  4. My personal favorite remains “Yes Virginia, there is a SANTRON” from a few years back, but I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice the similarities between Big Blue and the Jolly Old Elf.


    Okay, so my real favorite is The Authority/Lobo: Jingle Hell. That spread of the carnage at the North Pole, yowza.

  5. The Santa Contract from Hitman was neat

  6. @Gavok: The Punisher? Really?

  7. Yes, really. For whatever reason Marvel releases a Punisher Christmas Special every year.

  8. This years Punisher Christmas special was basically a retelling of the story of Baby Jesus, but with mobsters and the Punisher. And the Three Wise Men were assasins sent to kill the baby. It was amazing.

  9. Man, that Moon Knight Christmas special was stupid good. I have been loaning that to non-comics-readers left and right.

  10. Marvel should do a Punisher Channukah Special. With time travel and Frank liberating the temple or whatever it is happened then…

  11. […] unbiased.  If you will remember, in last year’s issue, I favored the Aquaman story by Dan Didio, in which Arthur saves Mary (Yes, that Mary.) from pirates using a mind-controlled […]