And Now, a Message from Batman

September 23rd, 2008 by | Tags: , , ,

I don’t care if this clip is over a year old. I just discovered it and I can’t get enough of it.

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5 comments to “And Now, a Message from Batman”

  1. Why is Superman driving a car through the desert with a beard?

  2. It’s from the JLU cartoon series. Vandal Savage stole some dwarf star material that ended up with Toyman. Toyman zapped Supes during the battle and Supes ended up x number of years in the future.
    Vandal Savage had killed off the JLU and was the only living human on the planet. There was a race of mutant bees or something. It was earth but with a red sun.
    Supes is driving because a car got zapped into the future with him. A car and a couple of other cars, some flares, some of the energy bars that Flash promoted.
    I can go on if I need to.

  3. That was brilliant! Thanks!

  4. Somehow I’d missed that the first time around! Thanks for posting it!

  5. *YOINK!*