Not Comics: Dead Fantasy Is Awesome

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Part I:

Part II:

More please.

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13 comments to “Not Comics: Dead Fantasy Is Awesome”

  1. I love this guy’s work. He starts out great, then kicks the action up a notch, then another notch, then two notches, then another notch, and then takes out an axe and uses it to make a new notch and kicks it into that.

    If you havn’t watched Haloid, I suggest you do so: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/57998.html

  2. It’s like an even more soulless version of Advent Children.

  3. High budget Xiao Xiao. And wow, the latter half and on of Haloid is fanservice/cheesecake overload.

  4. “It’s like an even more soulless version of Advent Children.”

    My thoughts exactly. Oh, I can just post what I said on another forum. (slightly edited)

    While I appreciate the technical quality and effort put into making this, I’m going to have to say that it’s mind-numbingly stupid. I mean, there’s suspension of disbelief, and then there’s what happens in this video. I know it’s all supposed to look badass and kickass but all it does is make me feel like a dumbass for wasting my time on it. It just comes across as being way, way too over the top and ridiculous. Clearly we are led to believe that they are all completely invulnerable godlike beings who are just doing this for fun and afterwards will go have a drunken orgy while feasting on ambrosia in the heavens, or something. It’s just supreme fanwankery with no sense of, well, anything even remotely coherent.

  5. So… where exactly is this expectation of depth coming from?

  6. I don’t expect “depth” from fight scenes, but this sort of thing where characters are fighting for no reason and fly around being able to do everything and never getting so much as a scratch is pretty boring IMHO. I like over-the-top action (I’m currently rewatching a show that culminates in robots using galaxies as throwing stars), but even over-the-top action needs rules and limitations to be engaging. If all the characters can do everything, then nothing they do is impressive.

  7. If I had any greater expectations from it, I’d probably be rolling my eyes at how stupid it is to run on lava when you spend a few moments trying not to touch it at all. For what this is, I’m fairly impressed, it’s not JUST because of the fighting. It just doesn’t seem that serious to me. I’m surprised anyone could call this more soulless than Advent Children when this clearly isn’t trying to be something it isn’t.

  8. Well, this is trying to be awesome action with some fanservice (the characters), and I don’t think this action is all that awesome or the fanservice all that engaging. I compared it to Advent Children because that movie had exactly the same problems, but that at least looked pretty and set up reasonable frameworks for its action sequences. I just can’t get into action for the sake of action, I suppose is my point.

  9. I can’t get behind the Advent Children comparison, I just can’t. The fact Square-Enix made something that can even be compared to what is basically a shallow, derivative, shoestring budget (in comparison) production is sad to me. If anything, I’d be making comparisons the other way around… but I see your point otherwise. By the way, before I forget, What exactly is this this show with robots and galaxies as throwing stars?

  10. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann rock on! Wooooooooo!

  11. Technically amazing, pretty boring though. Every attack and hit just feels weak and showy. There’s no real power or consequence to anything. Also; the dude who makes these must be creepy as fuck

  12. Granted it’s just one big ol’ stupid fight scene with absolutely no story what so ever beyond “Ayane and Kasumi wanna fuck Yuna up…” I really don’t understand the whole “technically sound, BUT” argument if it’s going against Advent Children. There was some evidence of the attacks doing damage, (see: Tifa right after the big fall) and the whole over the top action never really surpassed AC until they were fighting during their free-fall in the second one if you consider that all the really crazy crap was done by either Tifa (Materia) or Riona (sorceress)

    Which brings me to my complaint…

    Riona? Really? And some chick from Kingdom Hearts? I know I was whining about people saying these were all too over the top, but that second vid was just the DOA girls getting their asses handed to them again and again. Then POOF! in comes someone who’s got more going for her then everyone else combined. Plus another girl too! Shit!

    I gotta say, I’m not sure I can hold my own suspension of disbelief if it comes down to Christie and Lisa bringing back the balance.

    Still. Mindlessly awesome.

  13. The comments here bring more bang for the buck! Though… technically, the show’s free. 😛