Wedded Bliss Sometimes Isn’t

February 8th, 2008 by | Tags: , , ,

Especially when there are superheroes involved.

Awesome preview of New Avengers #38 over at CBR. It’s Bendis doing little character moments and it’s rock solid. I’m suddenly way more interested in NA than I already was.

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8 comments to “Wedded Bliss Sometimes Isn’t”

  1. Hey this is kinda random and completely unrelated to the topic, but i have a whole bunch of old comic book posters from Wizard and other magazines. Would any of you guys want them? If so, email me your mailing address and i’ll send them over. I dunno, you might get a kick out of looking through them.

  2. Man that dialogue flowed smoothly. A nice scene altogether.

  3. gaydos’ art is always amazing

  4. I liked seeing Jessica back on form. That is really, really self-destructive and stupid. I will run to safety! To the building Ultron and the Hulk both just trashed like five minutes ago. My kid will be safe there!

    La la la la!

  5. Bendis in Alias mode, that is awesome.

  6. What? No takers?? I’ve got a poster from Wizard #5 where the Silver Surfer is wearing a pointy wizard cap and a wizard robe and both of them have stars on them but he’s in space with stars everywhere so it’s kind of like he’s wearing a cosmic ninja outfit. He could flip out and kill someone at any moment.

    Also a lot of this stuff is from the 90’s when Wolverine, Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Venom used to be everywhere! It was before they started making all these indie comic books with all these lame characters who would rather talk about their feelings than focus on being badass. But i know you guys are real comic book fans so you appreciate adamantium claws and guns and chains and stuff. Speak up, don’t be shy.

  7. Are you a joke account, Maj?

  8. Nah man, all these guys know me from HVO – another forum we all post on. Ah well, it was worth a try. Guess it’s all going in the recycling bin.

    Turns out changing hobbies is a lot of work. I just got done giving away 95% of my old comics. Wish i had seen that “Always Bet On Bahlactus” link (on the right) a month ago, cuz most of what i’d collected involved Galactus.

    Speaking of different hobbies and unrelated topics, a few friends of mine started up a blog about the Lakers:


    Trying to be less serious and more entertaining than typical sports coverage, but you probably won’t get most of the jokes unless you watch games.