Ruining the Moment: Illuminati Spoiler Special

November 9th, 2007 by | Tags: , , , ,

Wednesday’s Illuminati #5 revealed something huge about the Marvel universe. Like always, I felt the need to take this big revelation and mess around with it for the sake of dumb comedy. Now, due to the revelation, I can’t even make a preview picture or else I might risk spoiling it for you. So if you haven’t read Illuminati #5 yet, don’t click on these links unless you’re sure you want me to spill the beans about how Doctor Strange is actually a figment of Gorilla Man’s imagination.

Ruin the Moment #1

Ruin the Moment #2

Ruin the Moment #3

Ruin the Moment #4

I may post some thoughts on the issue later, but I’m sure 98% of the internet has beaten me to it.

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One comment to “Ruining the Moment: Illuminati Spoiler Special”

  1. Good stuff. Loved the last one.

    Sue is great. Great mother, great wife.