Sometimes you miss things…

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You know how you can read something, enjoy it, and then read it again and enjoy it on an all new level?

Check this sequence from New X-Men #145.

nxm145-19-20.jpg nxm145-21.jpg nxm145-22.jpg

Here’s Wolverine’s monologue at the end there:

Nah. see, I just found out WHO I am and WHAT I am… and… well, let’s just say some of us were BORN to kill and RAISED to kill and that’s the only damn thing we’re any GOOD for.

Everything else is just LIES we tell ourselves.

You’re asking me about the purpose of LIFE, you fucking genocide machine? It’s like this…”

He presses a button and basically attempts suicide.

At first, this was just a cool scene. Wolverine talks about his life and the pointlessness of it and then takes out the bad guy.

I was talking with some friends online after the (dope) Isotope party tonight and we somehow got onto the subject of New X-Men and how it tried to push the X-franchise in a new direction. Then we went from talking about all the off-panel fights and then onto metacommentary when it hit me. This scene is a direct commentary on the X-Franchise in specific.

You’re created for one thing. Bred for one thing. You will never, ever be anything more than that, and trying otherwise is just lying to yourself.

True? False?

Food for thought.

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7 comments to “Sometimes you miss things…”

  1. I’m always amazed at all the hate that my LCS had for New X-Men. Morrison tried so hard to expand all of the core ideas and take them in new directions and it got such a hostile reaction from all the grognards both on and offline that I guess I can kind of see why Marvel hit the reboot button on most of the concepts as quickly as possible but geez. I’d love to see an MU where they continued the whole idea of mutant culture integrating and eventually overtaking all of the human culture.

    Remember when it was the HUMAN race that had an extinction gene and not the mutants? Geez.

  2. Another thing: Did Morrison have a plan for what he saw on that monitor? Because I’ve always wondered. Frank Tieri eventually revealed what it was in Weapon X, and it worked in context, but still.

    I think if Morrison had stuck around, we would have seen his take on the origin of Logan.

  3. What was the explanation Tieri gave? I almost don’t want to know.

    I never really like when writers clean up or address other writers’ plot lines. It rarely ends up well (Hello Chris Claremont thanks for telling us what was going on in New X-Men we appreciate that guy).

  4. Wolverine can’t be dead. He’s in 4 other books this week…

  5. Well yeah, don’t forget his healing factor. If you think it can’t handle being in the middle of giant explosion, exposure to the vacuum of space, and atmospheric reentry…. think again. Oh, and the Phoenix Force helped a little.

    I liked that the whole Xorn thing was also a metacommentary too. Magneto will always come back, no matter how dead or crippled he may seem. So Grant seemingly kills Magneto, then brings him back, then has Wolverine cut his damn head off which brings it full circle. What’s Marvel do immediately after this? Shows Magneto alive and well in Genosha, apologizing to Charles about that crazy impostor Wolverine had to behead.

  6. It was revealed that what Wolverine read was that The Professor and Cornelius had him massacre an entire town and covered it up.

  7. it’s also a pretty wise choice on wolverine’s part if you look at what he said in terms of the marvel universe – 90% of the time, when some villain goes straight, the writers use wolverine to express the paranoid, doubtful side of the situation as it’s in character for him.

    and 90% of the time, they need a new villain or just think it’s really neat and so the genocidal robot puts down his paintbrush and decides to create an army of spider-sentinels or something.