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June 27th, 2007 by | Tags:

I’m thinking about dropping the More links on the blog, so that articles are just out there in the altogether, unless they need spoiler space or something. That can result in a wall of text, as you can see below. Thoughts? Good, bad, drop it, bring it back?

I need to work up some new headers, too.

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9 comments to “Reader Participation”

  1. You guys write some lengthy posts and if I miss a few days and swing by to catch up, that can be a whole lot of scrolling down. Depending on when I’m checking, I’m quite likely to not bother.

    Show 2-3 paragraphs/post and “More” the rest, I say!

  2. I prefer the “More” option. Pretty much for the same reasons as above.

  3. I never check this website, I only see updates when they appear in my lj feed. So, for me, having a truncated post saying that there is a new post I can look at is more helpful than taking up a third of my friends page for a single post.

  4. Unfortunately, LJ doesn’t process the “more” tag via feeds.

  5. It seems okay here.

    Thanks for the input, y’all.

  6. You want a new header? Venom. Steel Spider. New issue of Thunderbolts. That’s your header.

  7. Yeah, you definitely aren’t lying there. The arm pull?

  8. @David: Hmmm, that’s weird. It doesn’t process the PCS “more” tag.

  9. Is PCS using a recent version of WordPress? I think that my copy of WP converts the bracketed more tag into a standard link when it publishes the post.