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February 5th, 2007 by |

Hey hey hey.

Apologies to anyone who tried to access 4l in the past hour or so. I was upgrading to WordPress 2.1 and things went awry, as they tend to do. I think Slimstat, my hits tracking thinger, may still be broken. Not entirely sure, there.

Anyway! We’re now on WP2.1 so things should be smoother on my end as well as yours. Hopefully, anyway.

A quick shoutout to the homey JLG, who just recently opened up a WordPress blog to contain his thoughts.

I’m going to be updating the old blog roll later tonight, methinks. If you’re a commenter and I haven’t linked you, give a Brothers a holler, okay? I’m easy.

Actual content to come, perhaps!

Fun linky stuff:
Website: right here
Feed: right chea
LJ Syndication: right heah
Email: 4thletterATgmailDOTcom

edit: Sorry for ruining any LJ friends pages!

edit 2: edit harder: Looks like any time we used a !–more– tag to create that snazzy “read more” bit, it also carries over to news readers and lj friends lists. Do you all prefer it like that or want it back the other way, with full articles listed? I’m not sure how to change it, though…

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2 comments to “Admin: WP 2.1”

  1. So just what … dare I ask … got busted by the upgrade?

    (He asks from the relative comfort of a WordPress 2.0 install.)

  2. In the long run, nada.

    In the short run, anything that broke was my fault.

    First, I didn’t disable my plugins when upgrading. In turn, my More-Smilies (which lets me use SomethingAwful.com icons like :doom: or :flashfact:) sent things on the fritz. turns out that I needed a newer version of M-S. Upgraded that, all was well.

    Before that, I’d told my FTP program, Transmit, to “replace” a folder rather than “merge” it.

    Replace involves deleting the folder and tossing in the new stuff. Seeing as this was my plugins and themes folder, that was a bad thing. Thank goodness for backups, huh?

    Honestly though, I keep trying to take shortcuts and keep getting bitten. I’ll learn eventually.

    WP2.1 is pretty nice, though. Well worth it.

    I just realized that you’re in ATL? I’m an hour and change south of you in Warner Robins/Macon.