Random Thought of 4/12/07

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Norman Osborn would be the worst celebrity partner for $10,000 Pyramid ever.

Contestant: Okay, okay. Animals. Cages.

Osborn: Spider-Man?

Contestant: No, no. Peanuts. Signs that tell you not to feed the animals.

Osborn: Ah. Spider-Man.

Contestant: Pass. Er, hm. Bread. Biscuits.

Osborn: Spider-Man.

Contestant: No! Cookies. Um… cupcakes!

Osborn: Things that sound like Spider-Man!

Contestant: NOT SPIDER-MAN!

Osborn: Spider-Man?! Where?!

Contestant: Stop that! Jeez… Cakes! Pies! Brownies! Freaking bread!

Osborn: Things that you bake…

Contestant: YES!

Osborn: …for Spider-Man!

Contestant: NO! Pass. He’s a superhero. Wears red and blue, but now wears black. Shoots webs. Has a movie coming out. Made you kill yourself.

Osborn: Miss Stacy!

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