Finally, some goddamn navigation!

April 17th, 2007 by | Tags: ,

If you’ve spent more than two minutes at this site, you may have noticed that it absolutely blows to navigate through. You want to look for that time I ranted about Wolverine? Check Google, because chasing through the archives will probably take you two hours.

That’s at an end… hopefully. I finally put in a Table of Contents page. You can see it under “Pages” on the right side of the screen. Here we have a majority of the 4L articles, split up into little groups. And a big group for David’s articles, the show-off. Plus you can actually get a little blurb about what the article in question is about.

Give it a test drive and tell me if you come across any mistakes.

I really should replace that Green Arrow image with a headshot of Ruin from Superman, but I can’t find a decent enough image of him. Damn me for coming across that arc towards the end.

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One comment to “Finally, some goddamn navigation!”

  1. Ahahaha, this came off really well. Hilarious comments, too. (I really need to fix that Space Ghost article.)

    And we have a perfectly good search box in the sidebar! :doom: