Dear Marvel

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(This is the first of what’ll probably be a couple of posts today from me, with probably a Gavok post following after. Stay tuned, true believer!)

Dear Marvel:

I went into Wolverine Origins #10 this week with much trepidation. I thought that Jubilee, one of my favorite characters, was going to bite it. I mean, seriously, look at this solicit you sent out:

It all ends-and it all begins-in this issue, featuring both the death of a beloved Marvel character and the debut appearance of a new one: the son of Wolverine!

What was I supposed to think?!

However, Daniel Way and Steve Dillon (probably) didn’t kill her and showed that Wolverine still sees her as a daughter figure of some kind. I liked that bit, even if the rest of the issue was a little so-so.

(I would like it a little more if she still had her powers and her and Kitty Pryde teamed up to fight Wolverine II [or whatever his name is], but that’s okay. I also really like the idea of Jubilee as a mutant rights activist.)

But, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m happy she is (probably) not dead. I’d hate to form JERK, the JubilEe Resurrection Kult, and show you that Hal Jordan fans have nothing on me.

I’m kidding.


Please don’t kill her 🙁

david b
age 10 1/2

(seriously, do another Jubes and Kitty story please, the one about illyana was probably one of the six good things scott lobdell ever wrote)

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7 comments to “Dear Marvel”

  1. Whereas I would greatly celebrate the death of Jubilee, I’m actually glad Marvel didn’t do it, because a) it was too obvious, and b) the individual they DID kill shocked the fuck out of me. I never thought they’d allow someone to knock that guy off.

  2. Yeah, same here. He’s enjoyed kind of an elevated role in the Marvel U lately, so it was a definite surprise.

  3. It’s a nice swerve as well, since Way had set him up as a fairly central character.

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  6. …wait who died? Dugan (supposedly)?

  7. Yeah. Which puts him in my “probably a Skrull” list.